To Fiend or not to Fiend

In recent months WWE took a risk with Wyatt's outlandish new gimmick and it got over in a huge way with the fans. They gave him a title match at a PPV tailor-made for his persona, weeks ahead of Halloween. They sacrificed the build-up to the show for the
sake of their TV deals, leaving them with a handful of scheduled matches. So why not go all in and build the whole show around the Fiend and create a legend, instead of lame matches and the shitty finish that makes everyone look weak!?

Rowan and Harper lost a boring, aimless feud and now have nothing to do. Why not have the Fiend turn up to help them win the match, reveal himself to be the brain behind the attacks on Reigns, and claim the Brothers for the Funhouse? Ditto for a female wrestler
on the show with nothing to do (take your pick, there's plenty of them). For example, Nikki Cross could have turned on Bliss at the end of the match, the lights go off and she gets claimed by the Fiend.

In the main event, Rollins gets the upper hand and looks like he may win. The lights go and the Brothers appear in Buzzard and Rabbit masks, with Cross as the witch. The distraction helps the Fiend to win, the Fun House stable is born and fans want to tune
in to Raw to find out what the hell happens next.

Instead we have the Fiend needing a ref stoppage after weeks of being booked as an unstoppable monster, the champion left lying in a bloody mess and a bunch of talent on the roster with nothing to do. Vince lost his nerve and we're all suffering in the hell
of 50:50 booking mediocrity.

While I agree with the general sentiment of your idea, I don't think putting the Bludgeon Brothers back as Wyatt lackies again would be the best solution.  They've been repackaged a bunch of times already and put back and forth with Bray a couple of times.  But yeah, absolutely take a shot with him on top and have him run roughshod for a bit.  Maybe go really off-brand and turn someone like Ziggler, who is truly aimless, into his acolyte?