Dear brother Scott Keith, 

Who do you think Hogan should face in his final match? Surely you've got to go with Mr. T, who is equally old and distanced from wrestling, but obviously you'd never want to bet against brother T in a fight. Thanks brother, you're the best brother

Well you know something Mean Gene, the Hulkster might have hit on some hard times, but he can still crawl up the mountain with all the Hulkamaniacs on his back and pull the thunderbolts from the sky.  And you know that the big stinky wart-infested Giant will be his final opponent, and the Hulkster will use the power of all his Hulkamaniacs to slam him through the ring and make a black hole in the arena that will swallow up all the non-believers, brother!  But just grab onto the Hulkster's 24 inch pythons, dude, and the power of Hulkamania will defeat physics and save everyone and pull them out of the void.  Except for the ni…

(signal lost)