The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–03.06.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 03.06.82

Time for the antidote to Hell in a Cell…BILL WATTS.

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Bill Watts & Boyd Pierce, who is dressed in a fairly subdued blue suit by his standards. Boyd and Bill are both depressed that Dusty got thrown off the show last week. So was I! Watts thinks the penalty is somewhat unjust because Bob Roop was egging him on, but RULES ARE RULES. Like no DQs or bullshit ref stoppages in a Cell match. Without rules, we have anarchy and shitty PPV finishes and Presidents making shady deals on the phone.

So let us take you back to last week, when Bob Roop bitches at Dusty Rhodes and blames him for lack of competition. Dusty was laying on the beach in San Diego and saw Roop get beat by the JYD right there on his TV! Roop wants some satisfaction and Dusty is never one to back down from being featured in the big angle, which leads to him leaving the desk and getting jumped by Roop and Paul Orndorff. And then fined $2500 to rub salt in the wounds.

Back at the desk, Cowboy thinks that costing Dusty money will just motivate him even further.

We take a break and return with Bill explaining that sometimes championship matches change due to weird circumstances, and in fact JYD had an illness in the family on Feb 23, so Dusty took his place and teamed with Dick Murdoch for the tag titles.

Mid-South tag team titles: The Wild Samoans v. Dick Murdoch & Dusty Rhodes

This is a no-disqualification match in Baton Rouge, although I guess that means ref stoppages are still in play. The Outlaws double-team Afa as we join the match in progress about 15:00 in according to Watts. Dusty gets beat up by the Samoans with a variety of nerve holds, but he makes the comeback and brings Murdoch in for elbows on everyone. At this point, Paul Orndorff (whom Dusty had “soundly defeated” earlier in the night according to Watts) runs down and yanks Dusty out of the ring to beat him down, and One Man Gang comes in and splats Murdoch to give the Samoans the win at 3:14 aired. This was actually the first time One Man Gang was named as such.

Back at the studio, Watts lets us know that if you corner a rat, he’s dangerous. And Skandor Akbar is the rat in this particular metaphor. Further, Dick Murdoch is injured and OUT OF WRESTLING as a result of OMG. That’s kind of a premature prognosis.

Meanwhile, Ernie Ladd updates us on the injuries he suffered at the hands of the Gang, and although he’s been hurt in wrestling before, he’ll be back to avenge himself against the Samoans. He’s got a big-ass cast on his leg and he’s got footage of the operation to show if Mid-South will allow him to show it on TV sometime. He might have been a backstabber but he was never a coward! So now he’s going to back to the past and find some people qualified to join him and whoop on Akbar. Man, I love Ernie Ladd. He was so great.

And we continue with the clips this week, going back to a couple of weeks ago with Dog and Brian Blair against the Samoans, which leads to Dog getting double-teamed by the Samoans until Mr. Olympia saves and the ref calls for the stoppage.

The Junkyard Dog v. The Grappler

Jesus, we finally get a new match halfway through the show. Dog overpowers the Grappler and breaks free of a full nelson before switching to his own and chasing him out of the ring with headbutts. Grappler comes back with a slam for two, but puts his head down and Dog hits him with a neckbreaker for two. Grappler hits him with a knee to the gut and drops an elbow for two, but Dog headbutts him into the ropes and slugs away on him, but Grappler loads up the boat while tied in the ropes and kicks Dog in the gut for two. He makes sure to “unload” the boot again, but Dog takes him down and steals the boot, and Grappler is all discombobulated and runs out to grab a steel cane. Dog backdrops him and uses the cane, and ref is so sick of the Grappler’s shit that he counts the pin at 6:00 out of spite. Fun match.

Bob Orton Jr. v. Killer Karl Kox

Watts notes that Dick Murdoch learned a bunch of stuff from ol’ KKK. I’m sure he did. Probably attended some meetings with him. Kox pounds on Orton and boy howdy is Bill Watts all about this guy. Balding old marine who loves America and takes no shit? You know it. Orton throws elbows on him, but Kox slugs him out of the ring and then hits the dreaded brainbuster back in the ring for the pin at 1:46. Even though he looked 70 here, he was only 50, and lived until 2011.

Iron Mike Sharpe v. Don Cerrano

Sharpe escapes a full nelson and breaks the grip due to being Canada’s Strongest Man. Cerrano tries a facelock but Sharpe just lifts him up and puts him on the apron. Back in, Sharpe continues overpowering him while Watts hypes up an impending cage match between Ted Dibiase and Paul Orndorff. It’s man to man with no interference! Yeah, and no DQs, either, I’ve heard! Although maybe a ref stoppage. Sharpe finishes with a body vice at 3:00.

Jesse Barr v. Jesse Tanner

Jesse Barr is the older brother of Art Barr and the future Jimmy Jack Funk, although he later gained later “fame” for getting on the wrong side of Haku in a bar fight. At this point he’s kind of a bland babyface and he works a headlock for a bit, and a slam gets two. Tanner pounds away with knees as Watts accidentally calls the jobber “Jesse Ventura”. Whoops. Tanner goes to a facelock as we’re running short on time and the match is going nowhere. Barr with another headlock and they trade forearms, but Barr suddenly hurks him over out of nowhere with a high angle german suplex and gets the pin at 3:50. Damn, he deadlifted the dude.

The verdict: Better than Hell in a Cell.