Impact Wrestling – October 4, 2019

Impact Wrestling
Date: October 4, 2019
Location: Sam’s Town Hotel And Gambling Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentators: Don Callis, Josh Matthews

Suddenly this is a follow up show to Smackdown, which is the bad spot the show is going to be in for the next few weeks. Tonight is a big follow up show though as we need to deal with what happened last week when Sami Callihan hit Melissa Santos with a bottle. Odds are this is going to lead to some dismemberment at the hands of Brian Cage, which should be rather entertaining. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the wedding and reception, where Callihan hit Santos by mistake.

Flanked by security, Jake Crist says Sami will talk about what happened later tonight.

Opening sequence.

Madison Rayne vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Tenille Dashwood

It’s a brawl to start with Hogan and Rayne teaming up on Dashwood early on. Madison gets thrown outside though and Dashwood grabs a butterfly suplex to take over on Hogan. Back in and the double teaming continues and Dashwood is in trouble again. This time it’s Kiera being sent outside and Dashwood stands on Rayne’s hair while pulling on the arms.

Kiera comes back in and starts talking trash to the fans but switches back to double teaming Dashwood again (you may be noticing a theme emerging here). Dashwood fights back and sends both of them outside before throwing Dashwood back inside for two. They all get back in again and Dashwood fights out of a double superplex attempt before sunset bombing Madison onto Hogan for a double near fall.

A double Taste of Tenille gets two on Rayne but Kiera comes back with an enziguri and swinging neckbreaker. We get the required argument over who gets the cover though, allowing Dashwood to send them into each other. Hogan is knocked outside and the Spotlight Kick finishes Madison at 8:52.

Rating: C-. I don’t know what it is but Dashwood isn’t showing any of the fire that made her look awesome in Ring of Honor/elsewhere. Maybe it was her shoulder injury or something but she isn’t the same performer she was not very long ago. Hopefully it’s more of a motivation thing or something, because the talent is there and I’d love to see it back again. The match itself was a formula based triple threat with Dashwood being the obvious winner as she is coming up on the Knockouts Title match at Bound For Glory.

Impact is coming to AXS TV.

Eddie Edwards talks to Tommy Dreamer and says Reno Scum drugged him at the wedding last week (which they did). He picks Kenny the Kendo Stick as his partner to face them tonight. Smart man.

Johnny Swinger vs. Owen Travers

Swinger is a late 90s tribute guy, which is fine for an idea but there was NO ONE else on the roster to play the character? As Callis swoons over Swinger’s Zubaz, Swinger takes over and hits a falling headbutt to the rather lower abdomen. Choking and strutting ensue, followed by more choking for bad measure. Travers fights back but misses a charge in the corner and gets caught in a swinging neckbreaker to give Swinger the pin at 3:10.

Rating: D. I get the idea here and as mentioned, a 90s character is hardly a bad idea. What I still don’t get is how this can be anything anything more than Callis giving a friend a favor. Does anyone think Swinger has any kind of a future around here? This isn’t a character that is going to go anywhere and while it’s fine for a lower card idea, bringing in another ECW name (not legend, but name), isn’t something that is going to make Impact look great at the moment.

The North is ready for Willie Mack and Rich Swann at Bound For Glory. They are not however ready for the match becoming a three way, also including Rob Van Dam/Rhino.

Tessa Blanchard isn’t surprised by what Callihan did last week. She’s coming for OVE.

Bound For Glory rundown.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory 2011. That was really stupid.

Ace Austin comes up to Alisha Edwards in the back and tries to apologize for what happened last week as the wedding. He thinks Eddie has some kind of a substance abuse problem and offers an ear if needed. Alisha looks confused.

Eddie Edwards/Kenny vs. Reno Scum

Eddie puts Kenny on the apron in the corner, which takes longer than you might think. Thornstowe starts for the team and runs into an atomic drop, followed by an overhead belly to belly. Luster comes in and wants to face Kenny, which is enough of a distraction that Luster can take over in the corner. The double teaming begins as the announcers talk about Alisha’s issues with Ace.

Eddie finally grabs a Blue Thunder Bomb for a breather and even reaches for the tag (he’s a rather confused man). A dive allows the hot tag to Kenny and everything breaks down with Eddie swinging Kenny around to take over. After a pair of dives to the floor (just go with it), Eddie gets slammed onto Kenny back inside. That doesn’t seem to matter though as it’s the Boston Knee Party to finish Thornstowe at 8:27.

Rating: D+. I mean….why not. Eddie continues to be one of the more fascinating wrestlers in the company and I want to see what happens to him. That’s the sign that they’re doing something right and I wouldn’t have bet on it lasting this long. There is a lot more to the story as well, and I’m not sure where they’re going between Eddie and Austin at Bound For Glory, but it could be rather interesting.

The North come up to Konnan and shut the door behind him.

Post break, Konnan is out. Josh: “WHAT HAPPENED TO KONNAN?” Josh….you dolt.

Here is OVE for a chat. Sami says last week was a tragedy but he is here to issue an apology. He means everything he says as he reads an apology off of a piece of paper. What happened last week was an accident and he isn’t happy with anything. He has no reason to destroy a marriage….and here’s Cage to run through security. The Crists and Fulton get taken out so Sami bails. Cage goes after him and throws a fan, which draws out referees to break things up. The cops are there as well and Cage gets arrested. This could work well.

X-Division Title Ladder Match Qualifying Match: Daga vs. Chris Bey

X-Division Champion Jake Crist is on commentary. They start with the flipping and rolling as neither can get much beyond an armdrag here or there. A kick to Bey’s head puts him on the floor but it’s Daga switching places and hitting his own dive. Back in and Daga hits a running forearm in the corner, followed by a dropkick for one. Bey knees his way out of a suplex attempt and dropkicks him outside for a change.

The running flip dive connects and it’s a slingshot DDT for two back inside. Back in and Bey hits a spinning kick to the head and rains down left hands in the corner. A crucifix gives Bey two but Daga is right back with a super Spanish Fly for the same. Daga has had it and double underhooks Bey into double knees to the chest for the pin at 6:40.

Rating: C+. I liked this one with Daga getting to showcase himself in a more impressive performance than I remember seeing from him. I know he’s a respected guy but I haven’t seen much from him so far. This was a good step forward for him though and hopefully that continues to move forward.

Post match the Crists come in to double team Daga but Tessa makes the save.

TJP says he and Fallah Bahh make a great team.

OVE leaves and Sami yells at the Crists.

Some NFL alumni talk about how much they’re looking forward to Moose vs. Ken Shamrock. Scott D’Amore offers his thoughts as well but here’s Moose himself to say MMA is for amateurs. However, he has Frank Trigg to help him train but here’s Shamrock to say he’ll beat Moose up. Ken promises to win but Moose walks out of the press conference, only to come back and start the shoving match. Shamrock looks….old.

James Mitchell yells at Havok for messing with Su Yung. Now YOU KNOW WHO is going to deal with her for messing with his favorite bride. Taya Valkyrie comes in and offers to take care of Su if they’ll take care of Dashwood. Mitchell doesn’t seem impressed and says Havok should just take the title for herself.

Michael Elgin vs. TJP

This could be interesting. TJP hammers away to start but gets picked up with straight power. The kneebar is blocked as well as TJP isn’t sure what to do against this kind of strength. Elgin runs him over and blocks a crossbody with ease. TJP is sent to the apron but slingshots in for a headscissor faceplant and we take a break. Back with Elgin being low bridged to the floor but countering a dive into an apron bomb. Elgin chops him so hard that he hurts his own hand but charges into raised boots in the corner.

The delayed apron superplex is broken up with a knee to the head and a hurricanrana takes Elgin down. TJP goes for the Fujiwara armbar but Elgin powers over to the rope without much effort. Another armbreaker is powered up with a powerbomb for the break and a discus lariat gives Elgin two. TJP sends him outside for the suicide dive but Elgin reverses it into a powerslam for a sweet counter. Back in and a Falcon Arrow gives Elgin two more, followed by a heck of a buckle bomb. A spinning backfist sets up a spinning Elgin Bomb to finish TJP at 13:50.

Rating: B. I liked this one quite a bit with both guys doing what they could and Elgin cutting him off every chance he could. The powerslam counter to the suicide dive was awesome and Elgin’s offense has the kind of power that makes him look dangerous (in a good way) every time he’s out there. Good stuff here, as they took two talented people and had them do their stuff at a high level.

Post match Bahh checks on TJP and glares at Elgin, likely meaning we’ll be getting a future match.

Santos talks to Cage on the phone but Sami cuts them off. What happened last week was a mistake, but he really enjoyed it.

Overall Rating: C+. Impact is up and down at times but this was a solid show for the most part and you can see the stories coming together as we move towards Bound For Glory. They’re starting to peak at the right time and that is what matters more than anything else. The action was mostly good here and while I could go for some adjustments in their personnel choices, we had a mostly good show here and a solid main event. Not bad at all and I liked it well enough. Check out TJP vs. Elgin if you have time.


Tenille Dashwood b. Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne – Spotlight Kick to Rayne

Johnny Swinger b. Owen Travers – Swinging neckbreaker

Eddie Edwards/Kenny b. Reno Scum – Boston Knee Party to Thornstowe

Daga b. Chris Bey – Double underhook double knees to the chest

Michael Elgin b. TJP – Spinning Elgin Bomb

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