Booking of Brock

Hey Scott,

Kofi booking aside, does it ever strike you as odd the fact that Brock is continuously booked in either utterly dominant matches, really short squashes or both.

This guy supposed gets paid 6 figures just for being in the same building as Vince. Wouldn't, on general principle, you'd want Brock wrestling 20+ min matches? I get that you want to "keep Brock strong," but Brock isn't Hogan, Goldberg, Rock, Austin etc. I'm pretty sure the viewing public isn't tuning into Raw or Smackdown just to see Brock Lesnar. They want to actually see Lesnar do stuff.

Am I wrong in this?

It's entirely Vince's call.  Brock has been firmly established as not giving a shit about what he's asked to do as long as the cheque clears, so if Vince wanted a 20 minute match, we'd get it.  Sometimes we do, in fact, and it's usually pretty great.  And yeah, it's also been firmly established at this point that Brock hasn't moved the needle for ratings or buyrates or any other tangible metric in years, so I don't even see the point anymore.  Like, if they do the champion v. champion gimmick at Survivor Series this year, we get Brock v. Rollins. Again.  Whoopee.