Wrestling Bubble

Hey Scott,

A running joke in the daily threads was during Smackdown when BOD regulars didn’t know who Tyson Fury and Marshmello were.  This brought up memories of the board asking who Rihanna, Pitbull, and Flo-Rida were.

Are wrestling fans generally in a bubble when it comes to the biggest mainstream artists and athletes?  

I noticed you knew who Fury and Marshmello were so you’re clearly in the know.

I know who Fury is because they talk about boxing on the Observer radio shows that Garrett hosts.  Otherwise I wouldn't.  I know who Marshmello is because I have a daughter who listens to that annoying song with Bastille but other than that I wouldn't know his work or anything.  I didn't know he had an actual marshmallow on his head, for example.  But yeah, I'd say wrestling fans are generally in a bubble for the most part, but then most of us are getting older and are in that bubble regardless of our wrestling fandom.