Burn It Down

Not even if you factor in the nonsense booking of Hell in the Cell, what is up with Seth Rollins?

I personally find him in such an odd position. He's a chronicled lifelong wrestling fan and has an impressive skill set with exciting moves, which you would think makes him a natural babyface.

But on the other hand, his nasally voice and general whiny personality (at least from the WWE product and his social media) makes him unlikable and a natural heel.

What role would you put him in? If you had the book, what would you do?

He was fine as midcard babyface when he was IC champion and/or tag champions with Ambrose, but this character isn't a top guy even after beating Brock Lesnar TWICE in the same year.  Whether he's a heel or babyface really seems less important than the fact that people aren't buying him in the "carrying the company" role.