Wrestling screens and LEDs

So I’m watching the smackdown opening , I appreciate the change in entrance but, why is wwe so damn addicted to everything being LED and moving and flashing. As a performers entrance I get it, but with the aprons and the posts during the match and it’s hurts to look at my HDTV most of the time.  I can’t even understand how it becomes appealing for broadcasts reasons the ENTIRE show, let alone live audience. Just about every arena they perform in has a center jumbotron to take care of the promo and backstage skits. 1 more screen on stage I’ll give them . And how much is all this shit costing them!?! As Jay and Silent bob summarized, “Damn this must have set them back a couple hundred bucks.” 
I am also a fan of the "less is more" philosophy of wrestling presentation, but unfortunately WWE and the production people they work with are bigger fans of MORE IS MORE, and as well today's generation of viewers are raised to need flashing lights and pyro to keep them from switching channels.  So blame the kids today with their YouTubes and InstaBooks and videos about slime and shit.