HITC Live Results

Hey Scott–

I was at the show tonight. Folks have mostly covered the experience on the live thread, but two things I wanted to mention.

1. This was the first time I have ever left a wrestling show early to beat the traffic. As soon as that DQ went down, my friend and I joined in with the initial "BULLSHIT" and "AEW" chants, then looked at each other and said, "We aren't getting anything else, are we? Want to beat the traffic?" I looked at the results once we were on the highway to see if we missed any shocking twists in the last five minutes, but NEWP.

2. This show reminded me so much of a 1998 WCW show, it was scary. Great matches to start with hot crowd involvement (Becky/Sasha and the tornado tag were OVER with the crowd) meandering action in the middle that just existed for the sake of existing, and a nonsensical finish that drew the ire of the crowd. All that was missing was people throwing garbage at Hogan while he called everybody "Jack" and "Dude".

Is this Vince "responding" to competition? Or a show that got lost between FOX and Saudi Arabia? If the former, hoo boy…

I think they just got burned out by producing all the big shows last week. And there’s still Raw and the draft shows to come!  Just wait until the XFL launches too.