WWE Cast-Offs

Hey Scott–

Very much enjoyed AEW last night. The appearance of Jake Hager got me thinking: Part of what made TNA spiral into irrelevance was their desperate need to push any ex-WWE guys they could get their hands on. From Kurt Angle to freakin' Test (sorry, THE PUNISHER), it seemed like anyone who had a run with Vince got a serious push, or at least serious screen time. This is what got Impact covered in the "WWE Lite" stink that it has taken years to wash off.

What advice would you give AEW about signing/pushing ex-WWE wrestlers in order to avoid walking down the same path?

I'd just sign who you're gonna sign because you like their work or think they can draw money, not because of what they used to be.  With Hager they sold him as the current Bellator fighter, not "WHAT'S SWAG JACKER DOING IN THE DYNAMITE ZONE?"  That's really all you can do because otherwise it's a catch-22 where you're overthinking everything.