What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – October 14, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.

Opening Contest:  Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman (2-0) defeat Leroy Howard & Vern Henderson when Pillman pins Henderson after a tornado DDT at 2:56:

During the squash Schiavone and Heenan speculate on whether Ric Flair and Sting can trust each other and how that will affect their match against Anderson and Pillman on Monday Nitro.  Anderson fakes out the crowd by not doing the DDT to Henderson, opting to tag in Pillman to do a tornado DDT.  Henderson fails to bump properly for the move, ending up between Pillman’s legs like he has been given a piledriver.

Gene Okerlund interviews Randy Savage.  Savage is not worried that the Master will be at Halloween Havoc and he is not worried about facing Kamala either.

Kurasawa (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (7-0) beats Chris Nelson via submission to a Fujiwara armbar at 1:23:

Kurasawa’s recent squashes have been quick and this one follows that formula as the Japanese competitor works over Nelson’s left arm to set up the Fujiwara armbar.

Kamala (w/Kevin Sullivan & Meng) (11-2) beats Todd Wilder after a splash at 1:21:

Kamala goes to hit Kurasawa with his mask when Kurasawa is still meditating when he gets to the ring.  During the squash, the Giant comes out and screams about how he wants to fight Hulk Hogan immediately.  That triggers a big “Hogan” chant, but it does Wilder no good as Kamala strikes away like a Mortal Kombat character and finishes with a splash.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (33-7-1) pins Ric Matrix after a knee drop in 26 seconds:

Schiavone tells fans that we can soon expect some video footage that chronicles Duggan’s family history, with that footage focusing on his family’s rich taped fist fighting roots.  Duggan breaks from his usual formula, winning with a knee drop.  After the match, Matrix attacks Duggan and when the referee pulls Matrix away, Duggan tapes up his fist and knocks the jobber out.

Okerlund interviews Television Champion Diamond Dallas Page, the Diamond Doll, and Maxx Muscle.  Page barely resists cursing as he blasts Johnny B. Badd’s fan base.

A video package chronicles the Dave Sullivan-Big Bubba Rogers feud.

Dave Sullivan (8-6-1) beats Big Bubba Rogers (28-9-1) via count out at 4:27:

If the wrestling dictionary had a definition of a D-level feud, this would be it.  Fans thought WCW dropped it after some awful matches, but it reappears on today’s broadcast with Rogers wanting to avenge a count out loss to Sullivan on the September 16 edition of WCW Saturday Night.  That was the infamous match where Rogers had Sullivan dead to rights before Hacksaw Jim Duggan came out and threw Sullivan’s rabbit Ralph into the ring.  No such antics happen here, but the finish is just as silly as Rogers plants Sullivan with a Bubba Slam but cannot stay on top of him for a three count because of an allergic reaction.  Rogers rolls out of the ring and scratches himself furiously, getting counted out and losing to his nemesis once again.  Rogers already showed he could mitigate the allergies by wearing a mask and beating Sullivan on the August 20 Main Event broadcast so not going back to that, especially as a heel, makes him look like a moron.  Rating:  DUD

Tune in next week to see Johnny B. Badd face Sergeant Craig Pittman!  Also, the American Males and the Zodiac will be in action!

The Last Word:  The Sullivan-Rogers feud is the worst thing WCW cooked up in 1995 and that says something in light of the Dungeon of Doom silliness, Hulk Hogan defeating Vader at Uncensored after dragging Ric Flair to four corners of the ring, and giving the Renegade a television title push for months.  Like WCW Pro, this show was a poor effort and wasted fans time.

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