Indies and Insanity: October 3, 2019

Hello everyone.

Your NFL Game of the Week of the Day is LA Rams taking on Seattle.  If baseball is your thing, you’re probably watching St. Louis at Atlanta as this goes up, with Washington at LA Dodgers to follow, both Game 1 of their best-of-five series.  College football fans have Temple getting a tricky road game against East Carolina.

As someone who will root for Team USA anywhere, can we PLEASE stop playing the Six Nations and getting killed?  I know we’re a Tier II team, but this group is going to kill us.

But let’s get to wrestling.  It’s a huge week in the wrestling world, and while the TVs don’t have much today, we have two HUGE multi-show extravaganzas this weekend!  After the jump, the infodump!

(Hint: if you’re not an indies fan, you can skip straight to the comment section by hitting the “end” button on your keyboard.  There, now you can’t whine about my details.)

Let’s check out what’s happening in the ever-changing world of independent wrestling, where the misused WWE midcarders of tomorrow are the random names on a website of today!

  • Do you have an IWTV subscription?  If you don’t, get one; dozens of indie shows for the same price as 9.99.  If you do, then tonight you can watch the return of Uncharted Territory from Beyond Wrestling!  Kris Statlander squares off against future tag partner Nick Gage (more on that later), the Discovery Gauntlet continues, Jay Freddie and Brandon Thurston continue their series, and Lance Archer comes in off a G1 revelation to take on Josh Briggs!
  • WXW is running four straight days!  Get ready:
    • Tonight, it’s Inner Circle 8!  Not much is known about this show, but one of the featured matches is Alexander James against Daniel Makabe, and that’s gonna be good!
    • Tomorrow begins the World Tag Team Festival!  Twelve teams will take part in this three-night tournament, and we get special attraction matches every night as well!  On Night One, Jonathan Gresham will go one-on-one with Flamita!
    • Saturday afternoon is the one-day Femmes Fatales tournament!  Your quarterfinals are:
      • Baby Allison vs. Lana Austin
      • Leyla Hirsch vs. Sammii Jayne
      • LuFisto vs. Saraya Knight (!!)
      • Session Moth Martina vs. Wesna
    • On top of this, Amale Winchester will defend her women’s championship against Faye Jackson!
    • Night Two of the World Tag Team Festival is Saturday night, and obviously we don’t know the matchups, but we do know that Bobby Gunns will defend the big gold against Timothy Thatcher!
    • Sunday afternoon is ANOTHER tournament!  The AMBITION Wild Card Tournament!  Check out these quarterfinals:
      • Alexander Dean vs. Dominic Garrini
      • Damon Moser vs. Scotty Davis
      • Daniel Makabe vs. James Runyan
      • Kevin Lloyd vs. Russ Taylor
    • Plus, in non-tournament action, we have Oney Lorcan taking on Thatcher!
    • So on Sunday night, who’s winning the World Tag Team Festival?  One of these 12 teams: Anti-Fun Police, Arrows of Hungary, Burch and Lorcan, The Crown, Jay-AA, The Pretty Bastards, Purge Club, Ringkampf, Schadenfreude, Violence Is Forever, The WorkHorsemen, or WRSTLING!
  • And they’re not even the feature event this weekend!  That honor goes to the venerable CHIKARA KING OF TRIOS!  First round is tomorrow; quarterfinals on Saturday alongside the first round of the Rey de Voladores (I feel like Xzibit with all these tournaments); Final Four on Sunday alongside a huge tag team gauntlet.  Your first round, in no particular bracket setup:
    • The Carnies (Iggy/Awful/Cassidy) vs. The Legion of Rot (Frightmare/Hallowicked/Kobald)
    • The Colony (Fire/Thief/Green II) vs. Quack Attack (Quackenbush/Lude/Killjoy)
    • Creatures of the Deep (Hermit/Merlock/Oceanea) vs. Hatfields (Boomer/Dasher) and Molly McCoy
    • The Crucible I (Ophidian/Kimber/Steel) vs. The VeloCities (J.London/Diamond/deSilva)
    • The Crucible II (Devantes/DeMorest/Makowski) vs. QUEENS (Darling/Willow/Mercurio)
    • The Embassy (Rave/Nana/Rinauro) vs. FIST (Icarus/Deppen/Huckabee)
    • Karate Kat Xtreme (Calhoun/Stray/Missile Assault) vs. The Nations (Bonza/Moretti/Hoffman)
    • NDK (Statlander/Santelli/Gage) vs. PUMP (Grace/Williams/Steiner)
    • [Yes, they put Nick Gage against Scott Steiner — you thought LuFisto/Saraya would be nuts.]
  • Sunday afternoon sees RevPro Live at the Cockpit!  This time around, the main event is Chris Brookes going up against WWE/LU star PJ Black, while two Tag Team Championship Eliminators are scheduled — one with the Besties in the World!  Also, Japanese star HIKULEO will be in action!
  • Also on Sunday afternoon, Southern Underground Pro gives us You’re Next live from Nashville!  Jake Parnell defends the IWTV belt against Craig Mitchell, Gary Jay faces Cabana Man Dan, Brett Ison puts the SUP title on the line against AC Mack, and it’s a Hoss Fight of the Future when O’Shay Edwards battles Steve Manders!

Okay, for my indie match of the week, I’m going to celebrate the return of Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory.  Remember how I said Jay Freddie and Brandon Thurston were doing a series of matches?  Here’s one of the earlier matches in their series.


BRING THE INSANITY!  (Whew.  Hopefully that’s it for tournaments for a while…)