What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – October 14, 1995

WCW Prime featured one new bout, which aired on October 9.  Chris Cruise and Dusty Rhodes did commentary.

Prime “MOOOO” Match of the Week:  The Shark (w/Kevin Sullivan) (3-2) defeats Andy Shane after the Shark Attack at 1:48:

The Shark attacks Shane before the bell and the jobber mounts no offense.  Fans do not care for the Shark, greeting the match with silence.

And now for WCW Pro from October 14, which featured Cruise, Dusty, and Larry Zbyszko on commentary.

In a taped segment, Ric Flair gets together a few kids at a WCW Saturday Night taping to try to persuade Sting to be his tag team partner.  The kids wear Sting face paint and want Sting to team with Flair.  Sting decides to work with Flair, but he promises that if Flair turns on him, he is going to leave him for dead.  Flair says that his nine-year-old daughter thinks Sting is a bigger deal than him and he promises to take their friendship one day at a time.

Opening Contest:  Johnny B. Badd (39-5-2) beats Randy Starr after the Badd Mood at 2:30:

Cruise announces that Sting will team with Flair to face Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman on Monday Nitro, thereby changing what was once a handicap match into a tag team affair.  Starr was a Florida independent wrestler who wrestled a few squashes for WCW, notably on the 1992 Great American Bash tour where he lost to Dan Spivey.  Badd’s hits a slingshot leg drop off the apron to set up the Badd Mood and win his fortieth match of 1995.

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The Zodiac defeats Alex Davis after an inverted suplex into the ropes at 3:17:

The Zodiac is sporting the theme music that would later be given to Dean Malenko.  The jobber is not sure how to take a beating, flying out of the ring when the Zodiac barely touches his head and slamming his own head into the canvas before the Zodiac makes a motion to do so.  The Zodiac could pin his opponent but goes into Kamala mode and forgets that you cannot pin an opponent when their shoulders are not on the canvas.  A weak finisher finally ends this bore of a squash and the Zodiac runs back to the locker room lest any fans say “Hey, that is the Butcher!”

In a taped promo, the Giant warns Hulk Hogan that he cannot counter his power.

The Barrio Brothers (1-8) defeat Mike Davis & Larry Santo when Ricky Santana pins Santo after a Doomsday Device at 5:34:

The Barrios are booked to face Sting and Lex Luger on WCW Saturday Night, so they get this squash to build them up for later in the evening.  Cruise explains the Barrios backstory.  Evidently, Fidel Sierra was from Cuba and Ricky Santana was from Puerto Rico and they were separated from each other because of the ills of communism.  And somehow this makes them a heel, anti-American team.  I think the anger about their life circumstances is a little misplaced.  The Barrios beat on Davis for an eternity with basic moves, showing nothing special as a team.  Even their double clothesline in the corner spot looks clunky.  However, their Doomsday Device-like finisher, with Santana using a falling clothesline variation, looks great.

Randy Savage (16-3) pins Bunkhouse Buck (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (5-11) after a flying elbow smash at 5:44:

WCW Pro was on the verge of having its tapings moved to Disney MGM, so this match comes to us from a WCW Saturday Night taping in Atlanta.  Savage follows his lazy “Get beat up a lot and then suddenly hit my finisher to win” formula, handing Buck his fifth straight singles defeat.  Rating:  *

The Last Word:  This was a horrendous broadcast.  The Zodiac and Barrio Brothers squashes went too long and the feature match went through a Randy Savage formula that was best abandoned by 1992.

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