Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #336 – 02 10 1999

Hello You!

Last week was mostly just recaps, so hopefully we get some new stuff this week.

As always, you can read a recap of the previous episode of ECW on TNN prior to this issue of Hardcore TV from Mr. Scott Keith by clicking right HERE!

So with all that dealt with, let’s rearrange our DVD collection in order of which movies are most violent and once again take things to The Extreme!!!

Today’s matches are coming from Plymouth, Michigan

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We get a video package on ECW Champ Mike Awesome to start us out and they’ve actually left the Bruce Dickinson version of “The Zoo” intact for it, which is pretty cool. The video shows Awesome dismantling people and just generally looking like a big scary man.

Show Intro. This week’s tagline is, “Don’t Touch That Dial, You Are About To Be Taken To The Extreme, It’s EC F’N W!”

We get a promo from Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso in the locker room. RVD insults Sabu, which displeases Fonzie.

Opening Match
Danny Doring and Roadkill w/ Miss Congeniality Vs Nova

Doring and Congeniality are both coloured coded in yellow and pink here, which is a nice touch. Doring grabs a mic pre-match and gives Nova a chance to find a partner, so he promptly heads to the back and returns with Jazz, who has previous with Miss Congeniality. Nova and Jazz clear the ring to start, which leads to Nova diving out onto the heels. Doring begs off back inside against Jazz, but a cheap shot from Congeniality allows Doring to lay her out with The Bareback (Sit out jaw breaker).

The crowd let’s Doring know how they feel about his heel antics, as Jazz gets worked over in the heel corner for a bit. Doring draws some good cheap heat by mugging to the crowd during the heat segment, but eventually Jazz manages to hit him with a low blow and tags in Nova. Nova runs wild on the heels and gets Roadkill with the Novacaine (Complete Shot) before delivering The Sledge-O-Matic (Powerbomb into an elbow drop to the groin) on Doring. This brings in Congeniality, but Nova shrugs her off and Jazz delivers the Jazz Stinger (X-Factor) to Doring. Doring dives out onto Doring whilst Jazz 10 punches Roadkill, but Congeniality cheap shots her again and that allows Roadkill to get a powerslam for the win.


Fun tag team hi-jinks there, with Nova especially looking good and being protected really well.


We get a Rhino video package, showing him blitzing people like Tom Marquez and hitting big moves on Tommy Dreamer.

Match Two
Christopher Daniels Vs Rhino w/ Steve Corino and Jack Victory

This match is actually from the ECW Arena. I’m not sure on the exact details around this but Daniels apparently rubbed some people the wrong way and ended up not getting a full-time role in ECW, despite being a highly rated guy on the indie scene even way back in 1999 and someone who could have probably done quite well in the company if given the chance. Strangely Corino gets some cheers from the ECW Arena crowd when he’s introduced, possibly because he’d been feuding with Taz and the ECW crowd had decided that they hated Taz by this stage due to him leaving for the WWF?

Joey Styles puts Daniels over on commentary, saying that everyone wants to book him and that he’s also been working in Michinoku Pro. Daniels uses his speed to evade Rhino in the early going and then tries to out wrestle him, but Rhino easily shrugs all of that off and clubs Daniels down. Daniels tries to wrestle his way back into the match, but Rhino continues to control things, looking impressive in the process. Daniels eventually manages to get Rhino down long enough for a springboard splash and then throws Rhino over the top to the floor, where he follows him with a dive.

Rhino quickly regains control again back inside the ring with a big flapjack for two and then goes to a surfboard. Hat Guy seemingly gets into an argument with someone at this stage and the crowd seem far more interested in that than a big Rhino spine buster to Daniels. Typical ECW Arena crowd, making the show about themselves rather than the wrestling. Rhino quickly gets everyone’s attention back though by clotheslining Daniels outside and then following with a dive of his own. Rhino goes up top back inside, but Daniels stops whatever he has planned and brings him down from the second rope with a big side slam for a double down.

Daniels gets a running neck breaker for two and then goes to the ten punch in the corner, but Rhino shoves him down and goes for a head butt from the top rope. Daniels dodges that however and gets the Angel’s Wings, but the referee is being distracted by Victory when he makes the cover. This allows Corino to sneak in with a super kick and Rhino then finishes Daniels off with a powerbomb after a spirited effort from “The Fallen Angel”.


This was some fine professional wrestling, as both men looked great and Daniels was protected in the finish as Corino and Victory both needed to interfere to help Rhino win. In timeRhino would no longer need this sort of help, but this was a good example of why the three men were a unit, as Corino was actually useful to Rhino here. It’s a shame Daniels didn’t stick around longer in ECW as this match showed he could have offered them something.

Rhino doesn’t get much time to celebrate though as Little Spike Dudley comes in to lay him out with The Acid Drop to continue getting his “Giant Killer” gimmick over.


We get a Tammy Sytch video package to Rick Rude’s dubbed Network theme. Joey Styles hypes that Sytch will be on TNN next week.


Joey Styles is in front of the ECW Banner, where he sends to a video package that explains the history of the ECW Title, which is narrated by Paul Heyman. It’s a good package and would be a good introduction to a new viewer about the history of the belt. It’s interesting to see that the belt only changed hands something like 11 times in 5 years, especially when you look at how many times the WCW Title changed in just one year in 2000. Even the crazy hardcore company wasn’t passing around their Title as much as they were, no wonder its prestige was non-existent by the end of the year.


Main Event
Super Crazy Vs Jerry Lynn

Lynn has a serious case of DDPitus here, with his ribs taped following an attack from The Impact Players of Justin Credible, Lance Storm and Johnny Smith. We’re back in Plymouth for this one, and get some nice fast paced counter wrestling to start, which the crowd appreciates. Lynn goes to the Gory Guerrero Special, which gets a nice reaction from the crowd, but Crazy slips out, only to then run into a back breaker from Lynn. Crazy gets sent outside by a Lynn dropkick and Lynn follows him out with a dive, which looks to do damage to his rib area.

Crazy manages to get a back body drop back inside and follows up with a springboard dropkick to the ribs to send Lynn outside. Not content with just that, Crazy gets an Asai moonsault out onto the floor on Lynn and then puts him back inside for a Quebrada, which gets two. Crazy goes to the surfboard next, which has added significance due to Lynn’s injured rib area, and then goes to the 10 punches in the corner. Crazy stops to pose however and that allows Lynn to powerbomb him out of the corner for two. Lynn gets a nice German Suplex with a bridge, but his ribs mean he can’t get all the bridge he wants and Crazy is able to kick out.

Lynn sets Crazy up on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Crazy punches him in the ribs to stop that and then comes off the top rope with a sunset flip powerbomb for two. Tornado DDT and Quebrada follow, but Lynn somehow manages to kick out at two. Lynn gets a desperation inside cradle for two, but looks to be done following that. Crazy slams Lynn down and goes for his trio of moonsaults, but he takes too long on the second one and Lynn gets his knees up. Lynn goes to the Cradle Piledriver and gets it for the three count.

RATING: ***1/2

This was fantastic stuff from Lynn, as he sold his injury throughout the match and it really made you think that Crazy might be able to beat him. Really, really good stuff. Props to Crazy as well, who hit all his spots and looked impressive on the way to defeat.

Lynn still sells his ribs big following the match and can barely celebrate his win.

In Conclusion

Great show this week with three fun matches and some good video packages that helped get over Mike Awesome, Rhino and the ECW Title. Thumbs up and highest recommendation!