Fwd: AEW: Best. Show. Ever.

Walking out of the arena in DC and that show was amazing. No idea yet how it came across on TNT, but that was WWF 2000 level enjoyable. 

However, I'm writing because it was very interesting how the crowd played along. With the exception of a "Thank You Jericho" chant, the crowd was on board the whole time. Very different from the last WWE show I attended. 

It seems silly but WWE has had basically an adversarial relationship with fans for the past 4-5 years. Do you think maybe not fighting the fans could help AEW? And have "smarts" smartened up to not be douches? 

It came across very well.  It was a fun, super hot show that flew by.  
And yes, I feel like not actively pissing off the fan base will be beneficial for sure.