Moment you turned on TNA

I know TNA is a complete joke now with all the network hopping and stuff.  But I know there was a time, however brief, where quite a few people liked what was going on in TNA.  Was there a moment, match, angle, etc that made you switch off and never look back?

Yeah, I was actually recapping the show on a regular basis for about 2 years because the Aces & Eights stuff was pretty intriguing.  But about halfway through 2013, it was obvious that it was no longer going anywhere, and then one week they started another "mystery man" angle and then immediately paid it off as Tito Ortiz in order to cross-promote with a Bellator PPV fight that I don't think ever happened, and I was just done with it.  It wasn't even so bad, it was just such a treadmill of stupid booking that clearly wasn't building to anything after all the promise that the Sons of Anarchy ripoff stuff had shown.