AEW showing Sunday mornings on ITV4 in the UK

Obviously annoying it won't be live, but that's something I can deal with

What's bothering me though is the time slot

They're going to have to edit and censor the crap out of it if it's being shown that early aren't they?

I can't see Jimmy Havoc doing his crazy hardcore shtick at 9am on a Sunday morning with kids watching. All of that is probably getting chopped out

I believe there'll be a Monday night repeat, but that will only be an hour long

Everyone is mostly annoyed that it's on delay, but I'm finding this decision more egregious to be honest

We used to get Raw on Friday nights and Smackdown Saturday nights when I was growing up and that didn't bother me, because at least it was on late enough that it didn't need to be overly censored unless WWE did something REALLY bad

There was a Saturday morning version of Smackdown and it was so edited that you'd spend half the match watching crowd shots sometimes

Really bad from both AEW and ITV this. At least put the full show on in a late night showing as well as the Sunday morning cut

And yes, I'm aware that it's a bit rich of me to complain when you fine Canadians aren't seemingly getting it all, but man this blows!

I know that there's a percentage of people being very critical of AEW for stupid reasons, but this is a major mis-step on their part and it's going to bite them hard, I think.  Especially with the bragging beforehand about how great their UK TV deal was going to be and then what it ended up being.  Plus their complete inability to provide any legal means for Canadians to watch their show thus far, of course. Not that the NXT situation is any better for us, as you have to wait until Friday to get the show on Sportsnet, and then it's only an hour of it.  Really, the "Wednesday Night War" is only being waged in the US.