WWF Wrestling Challenge – May 8th, 1994

May 8, 1994

From the Syracuse War Memorial in Syracuse, NY

Your hosts are Stan Lane & Ted DiBiase

We see the clip of Diesel celebrating his Intercontinental Title win with Shawn Michaels

This week’s featured match is the Heavenly Bodies vs. The Bushwhackers. Also in action are Doink the Clown, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Earthquake.


Earthquake vs. Cory Student

The announcers talk about Earthquake issuing a challenge to Yokozuna on RAW and how awesome a match between those two would be as Earthquake overpowers Student with ease. Earthquake then busts out a dropkick then hits a belly-to-belly suplex and follows that with a leg drop. Earthquake stays in control then hits a sit-down splash for the win (2:23).

Thoughts: They are building anticipation, or trying to anyway, for Yokozuna’s answer to Earthquake’s challenge this coming Monday on RAW.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. After plugging the Coliseum Home Video release of “WrestleMania X” and “WWF Inside Look,” Hayes tells us how the “handsome, towering, seven-foot superstar” Diesel defeated Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental Title. We then see Diesel on the “King’s Court” call out Bret Hart for a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. They are really pushing Diesel as a major threat here and challenger for Bret’s title.


Virgil vs. Barry Horowitz

The announcers argue as to whether or not Shawn Michaels presence cost Razor the Intercontinental Title as Horowitz beats on Virgil then tosses him out of the ring. DiBiase laughs and says its great when he sees a “moron” like Virgil get beat up as Horowitz hits a side slam for a nearfall. Virgil fights back after a jawbreaker but Horowitz stops him then gets two with a gutwrench suplex. DiBiase predicts that Diesel will become the next World Heavyweight champion but Horowitz misses a charge in the corner then Virgil uses a sunset flip for the win (2:05).

Thoughts: First off, odd to see Virgil not doing the job but despite winner still sold for a majority of the match and won with a sunset flip of all things. Horowitz looked good in this match, which isn’t a surprise.


We see the Bushwhackers eat a huge bowl of sardines to prepare for their match as DiBiase is disgusted.


WWF Live Event news airs.


Bret Hart promotes the newest issue of “WWF Magazine” and says Owen lied and in fact wanted the Blue Blazer gimmick because he lacked confidence and thought it would be good to hide under a mask. Apparently, Owen told WWF Magazine something to the effect that Bret made him use the Blue Blazer gimmick, I believe this is the first time (although I could be wrong) that they acknowledged Owen as the Blazer.


We see the package from RAW with all sorts of people talking about how they saw The Undertaker.


Mike Khoury vs. Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Luna Vachon

The announcers talk about Bigelow going to the finals of last year’s King of the Ring Tournament as Bigelow beats down Khoury. DiBiase also congratulates his former partner, IRS, in making it to the tournament. Bigelow stays in control untill Khoury fights back but he’s able to catch Khoury with a boot then puts him away with a diving headbutt (2:23).

Thoughts: They put over Bigelow here because he was the KotR runner-up last year. Bigelow is still without a feud or direction at the moment.


King of the Ring Report airs.


We see footage of The Headshrinkers defeating The Quebecers for the Tag Team Titles on RAW.


Heavenly Bodies w/ Jim Cornette vs. The Bushwhackers

Lane talks about sending his mother a Greetings on Call from Randy Savage for Mother’s Day. The Bushwhackers march around then get mocked by The Bodies and end up biting them in the ass as the Bodies spill outside. The Bodies run in and attack but The Bushwhackers use the do-si-do and fight back. The Bodies also try the do-si-do but miss their attacks and get hit with stereo atomic drops. The Bushwhackers run around the ring like morons then pose to the fans as The Bodies huddle with Cornette while the announcers talk about the Lawler/Piper feud. Things settle down with Del Ray and Luke battling over a test-of-strength while the announcers now talk about upcoming King of the Ring qualifying matches. The Bushwhackers use a double noggin-knocker then lick Cornette, who is up on the apron in an incredibly telegraphed spot. The Bushwhackers continue to embarrass the Bodies then we go to break and return with Luke beating on Prichard. Del Ray knees Luke from the apron as The Bodies finally take control of the match. The announcers once again talk about the KoTR as the match breaks down. The ref prevents Butch from chasing down Cornette then Cornette whacks Luke with his tennis racket. Butch now chases Cornette up the aisle as The Bodies stomp on Luke. Butch returns as the announcers now talk about the WrestleMania Revenge tour but Del Ray is able to put Luke away with a moonsault before Butch could make the save (10:16) 1/4*. After the match, Butch uses Cornette’s racket to clear the Bodies from the ring then The Bushwhackers march around as the announcers continue to talk about the WrestleMania Revenge tour.

Thoughts: This was terrible. The Bodies tried but this was way too long for this type of match. And for a featured match, the announcers treated is as complete filler by talking about anything else going on in the company. Not that I blame them as this was a “B” house show opening match level type of match. The crowd quickly grew tired of The Bushwhackers antics because after a few minutes they went through their entire arsenal and The Bodies do not have any heat to begin with so it made for a poor atmosphere. It also goes to show you how little they think of Challenge with a long, crappy match without any backstory. These guys were facing each other at house shows but no history of any sorts was mentioned on commentary. And it shows you the lack of depth going on in the Tag Division. They even had the Power Twins in for a tryout match at this same TV taping but they weren’t even good enough for this division, which will get markedly worse as the year continues.


Another Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vignette. This team he is singing “taking out the trash” on his garbage route while banging trash lids together. His colleague says that Droese is nice but not always stable. Droese also says he loves his job. Again, this character is terrible and vignettes are, pun very much intended, all trash.


Replay of Jeff Jarrett dressed as Doink the Clown humiliating Dink.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Barry Hardy

Dink tricks Doink with an exploding pen then the two make up. However, Hardy attacks Doink from behind then hammers away. Doink catches Hardy with a powerslam after an Irish whip sequence then we hear from Jeff Jarrett in an insert promo saying he who laughs last, laughs “best.” Doink now works a side headlock until Hardy breaks that up with a back suplex that did not even get a two count. Doink fights back then puts Hardy away with a bridging German suplex (1:36).

Thoughts: They almost teased something with Doink and Dink here but most of the focus was on the Doink/Jarrett feud.


WWF Live Event News airs.


Now we see a clip from last week when the 1-2-3 Kid saved Major Yates from an attack by Kwang & Harvey Whippleman which leads to a match for next week between Kid and Kwang. At least we get a match with some backstory to it for next week.


Also in action next week are Lex Luger, Jeff Jarrett, IRS, and Thurman “Sparky” Plugg.


Final Thoughts: Well, we had a featured match but it was terrible and other than that its hyping the other shows that actually have exclusive content people care about. Challenge being deemphasized directly coincides with the fact it has been dropped from a lot of syndication markets. And this show did nothing to remedy that factor.