What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – October 7, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes are calling tonight’s action, which is taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, matches at this taping took place on August 30 and September 27.

Opening Contest:  Alex Wright (49-7-2) beats Ray Hudson via submission to a Liontamer at 1:47:

Wright goes through some basic arm work before using a Liontamer to win his fiftieth match of the year, although this is his first win via submission.  It is good to see Wright look for a different finisher, although it seems crazy it took him a while to settle on the German suplex.  It was the perfect fit because Wright was German.

Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman (1-0) defeat Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (21-13-1) when Anderson pins Slater after a schoolboy at 4:34:

Schiavone and Dusty overlook the obvious talking point that Parker managed Anderson early in the year before Double A broke away to hook up with Ric Flair again.  Both teams shake hands before the match and when Slater and Buck try a sneak attack, Anderson and Pillman turn around to thwart it, with Slater and Buck backing off in a sign of heel-on-heel respect.  Sadly, that is the best thing about the match because Sister Sherri walks out seconds into it and she hogs camera time with Parker.  Buck gets upset with Parker chasing after Sherri and he leaves his partner alone, a distraction that allows Anderson to hit a knee to the back and roll up Slater for the victory.  Rating:  ½*

The Renegade (w/Jimmy Hart) (21-1) pins George South after the Renegade Splash in 30 seconds:

The Renegade has not been seen since losing the television title at Fall Brawl.  He quickly resumes his winning ways, with Schiavone setting him up as a possible challenger for the Diamond Dallas Page-Johnny B. Badd winner at Halloween Havoc.

The Master, Kevin Sullivan, and the Giant cut a taped promo against WCW Champion Hulk Hogan.  The Master says that kids are throwing away their Hogan merchandise, while the Giant promises to destroy the myth of Hulkamania.

Meng (w/Kevin Sullivan) (27-2-1) defeats Mike Davis via submission to a nerve hold at 1:49:

Davis gets a televised entrance for some reason and he acts like he is having the time of his life.  The tradeoff of that is facing Meng, who wastes little time blasting Davis with a thrust kick and applying a nerve hold.

Dean Malenko (0-1) beats Eddy Guerrero (2-0-1) after a tigerbomb at 14:08:

As Malenko and Guerrero work through some good mat wrestling, Alex Wright appears by the aisle and Dusty speculates that the three might have a round robin tournament on WCW Saturday Night in the near future, which would not be the worst idea in the world.  Guerrero amazes fans by jumping all over the place to reverse Malenko’s holds, getting an “Eddy” chant for his efforts.  All of that is stopped with a Malenko stomachbreaker but a brainbuster fails to put Guerrero away.  Guerrero rallies with a frog splash, but Malenko kicks out.  Desperate to change the tide, Malenko suplexes Guerrero to the floor, where Guerrero hurts his knee, something Guerrero reaggravates when a later dive onto Malenko on the floor causes his knee to hit the floor a second time.  That does not truly factor into the finish as a standing switch leads to a tigerbomb, evening up the series at one a piece.  Unlike their Monday Nitro match, these two got enough time to properly build a match and they exceeded the hype, putting together a crazy match with moves that American fans were not used to seeing in 1995.  This was easily the cable television match of the year up to this point, not to mention a contender for WCW match of the year.  Rating:  ****

Paul Orndorff (17-7) pins Chris Kanyon after a piledriver at 3:06:

Knocking out Vader backstage appears to have paid major dividends for Orndorff on the booking front as he builds his winning streak to five by swallowing up Kanyon.  Kanyon takes a nice bump to the floor when Orndorff clothesline him over the top rope and Orndorff rolls the young talent into the ring for the finish.

Johnny B. Badd (38-5-2) pins Andrew Shillinglaw after the Badd Mood at 3:20:

This jobber has one of the oddest names ever and his ring gear is something out of the Brutus Beefcake 1985 collection.  Badd takes a long time to finish him off, but Shillinglaw never poses a threat.  After the match, Badd tells Diamond Dallas Page that he has the Tutti Frutti waiting for him.

Okerlund interviews Badd, who says he is training hard for Halloween Havoc.  He gives Okerlund hope that he can get a date with the Diamond Doll if she is willing to go out with Page.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (32-7-1) beats Big Bubba Rogers (27-8-1) after hitting him with a taped fist at 8:40 shown:

In classic WCW fashion this is tonight’s main event instead of the awesome Dean Malenko-Eddy Guerrero match that headlined hour one.  Dusty forgets during the match that he is on TBS, talking about how it is so great that the New York Yankees are still in the baseball playoffs.  Schiavone is quick to chime in that the Atlanta Braves are doing well too.  Like their previous five matches, this is a slow brawl, but Rogers tries to include some psychology by targeting Duggan’s leg.  During Duggan’s comeback, V.K. Wallstreet appears with Duggan’s 2×4 and gets on the apron.  Heel miscommunication follows and Duggan uses a taped fist to slug Rogers and prevail, which referee Nick Patrick has no problems with.  So is a taped fist legal or not!??!  Rating:  *

After the match, Rogers and Wallstreet beat down Duggan and Dusty freaks out when Wallstreet rips off his pants to stomp Duggan better, screaming “There’s a naked man stomping!”

A video package hypes the building of Hulk Hogan’s monster truck for Halloween Havoc.

The Last Word:  The Dean Malenko-Eddy Guerrero match was the major highlight of the broadcast and as previously noted, WCW should have put it at the end because nothing on the rest of the show could top it.  It would be nice to get back to tag team matches that were not used as angles to advance the romance story between Colonel Robert Parker and Sister Sherri as that is getting incredibly stale and hurting all of the teams involved.  And Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s taped fist antics were funny at first but are becoming a comedic crutch for his matches.  WCW cannot even remember how to book finishes for the poor guy.

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