Road to Wargames

Hey Scott–

Much like it was for the Horsemen a generation earlier, it seems pretty clear that Wargames is a match that belongs to the Undisputed Era and that they'll be the heels in the match once again this November. Given that, I have two queries for you.

1. UE has all the NXT men's gold. November seems way too early to take any of the belts off of them. Do they roll into Wargames with their titles, meaning the only championship match will be the women's title? And what non-title matches would you book to fill out the rest of the card?

2. Seems pretty clear to me that the next big program is Velveteen Dream v. Adam Cole, and that Dream should be leading the babyfaces into the Wargames match. Who do you put out there with him? My vote goes for Matt Riddle and (if Ciampa's healthy) a reunited DIY. Who do you put on the… *sigh*… Dream Team?

I think it's tough to plan stuff for November given the Wednesday Night Wars about to launch, where plans will no doubt change weekly.  I can see the tag titles or even Cole's NXT title switching before WarGames.  Honestly, it's time for Dream to come to the main roster.  He's still got some stuff to work on, but they desperately need star power for Smackdown and he's the guy with the most potential to have it at the moment.  But yeah, if they're doing Dream as the captain, you can do Dream and Riddle.  I'd go off the grid and throw Keith Lee and Dijak in there as uneasy allies as well because I feel like they could be effective in that environment.  Just a hunch.  

As for the rest of the show, if WALTER is willing to work NXT, then he can defend the UK title against KUSHIDA as teased by this week's show.  Plus the CW title seems to be part of NXT now, so that's three title matches and the WarGames and you got yourself a Takeover!