Pulling The Trigger Too Soon On A Push?

What would you say was the worst example of a wrestling company pulling the trigger too soon on a wrestler's push?  I'd have to go with Ryback in the WWE in 2012.  He was getting over squashing jobbers in his first few months, then he was put in a WWE Championship match inside Hell In A Cell with C.M. Punk out of nowhere.  From that point on it was all downhill for him.     
That one was a very tricky situation because Ryback was getting to the point where they HAD to pull the trigger or people were gonna get tired of him, but they couldn't.  In retrospect, I still think they should have had him beat Punk and then lose it back at Survivor Series.  Rock getting the belt at Rumble ended up going over like a wet fart anyway so the extended title reign of Punk wouldn't have mattered either way.