WWF All-American Wrestling – April 17th, 1994

April 17, 1994

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny Polo


Polo is not here yet, something Gorilla is happy about. Gorilla then wants to deal with a serious subject and that is what happened during the Tatanka vs. Kwang rematch from Superstars. He also talks about being friends with Chief Jay Strongbow for over 25 years.


We see Tatanka defeat Kwang via disqualification from the 4/16 edition of “Superstars.” The match was joined in progress.


Back to the set as Gorilla introduces us to an interview with Strongbow that is conducted by Howard Finkel. This is something. Howard speaks very slowly and deliberately then asks him about what happened with IRS. Strongbow speaks very softly and how he might have retired from wrestling but has not retired from being a “man” and had to stand up to what IRS was doing. Finkel commends Strongbow for his bravery. Strongbow delivered a good line about still being a man but you could barely make out what he is saying here. However, the rest of the interview was forgettable besides the shock of seeing Finkel conduct a taped interview.


Gorilla now says the sorriness he has for Strongbow escapes him and it turns into anger against IRS.


Lex Luger defeats George South from the 4/16 edition of “Superstars.”


Polo has finally arrived on the set, saying that he overslept. Gorilla also does not care for his outfit, which Polo says is for the PGA Masters Tournament that Gorilla said ended last week. They then argue over who is the better golfer. The conversation was amusing enough.


Owen Hart on Heartbreak Hotel from the 4/16 edition of “Superstars.”


We get more golf talk on the set with Polo saying he found out by some not very good producer named “Kevin Graham” that Gorilla is in fact a very good golfer. Since Polo’s bit was that he never got Vince McMahon’s name right I suppose this was a dig at Kevin Dunn. Anyway, these two continue to play well off of each other.


Men on a Mission defeat Black Phantom & Joey Stallings from the 4/16 edition of “Superstars.”


Gorilla then talks about being part of the National Children’s Leukemia Fundraiser and this is followed by photos of various celebrities and wrestlers that were at the event.


The Quebecers defeat Virgil & Troy Conyers from the 4/17 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Now we see the hosts banter before introducing us to a Duke Droese vignette.


1-2-3 Kid defeats Ben Jordan from the 4/17 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


And apparently no “Bottom Line” with Roddy Piper this week. Either that or it got cut out of this copy.


Final Thoughts: The Strongbow interview was the exclusive segment here but besides that the show does have something with the underrated chemistry between Gorilla and Polo. They truly play well off of each other. And with some of the other disastrous pairings on the show (remember the Joe Fowler & Bobby Heenan duo?) its nice to see something good here.