What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – October 7, 1995

Chris Cruise, Larry Zbyszko, and Dusty Rhodes are doing commentary for today’s show.  The arena is really dark for this show and there are lots of empty seats when the camera pans near the guardrails.

Opening Contest:  Paul Orndorff (16-7) beats Tim Horner (0-15) after a piledriver at 3:01:

Horner was unable to defeat Orndorff on WCW Prime on June 11 and his winless record in singles competition does not improve against the motivated Orndorff.  The match is okay, with Orndorff avoiding long rest holds and trading moves with Horner for three minutes until Horner puts his head down too early on a backdrop attempt.  Rating:  *

Harlem Heat (w/Sister Sherri) (44-7-2) defeat the Barrio Brothers (1-7) when Booker T pins Ricky Santana after the Heatseeker at 3:18:

Neither team gets an entrance as the opening bell rings right when we return from a commercial break.  The Heat squash the Barrios, who manage very little offense before Colonel Robert Parker brings Sherri some flowers.  This time, Sherri takes them and then beats Parker with them, so she does not seem to be as interested in him as she used to.  It is nice to see the Heat go back to a Heatseeker as a finisher as that always looks cool.  Rating:  ½*

Gene Okerlund does the Halloween Havoc Control Center.  New matches added to the show include Diamond Dallas Page defending the television title against Johnny B. Badd and Road Warrior Hawk facing Kurasawa.  Okerlund also says that the Master may also be at the pay-per-view to consult with Kevin Sullivan.

Call 1-900-909-9900 to hear what two new stars are heading to WCW!  They will be wrestling in the tag team division and are universally known!

Scott Norton (0-1) pins Ray Hudson after a powerslam at 1:53:

Norton spams power moves like a Samoan Drop and powerbomb, picking Hudson up from pins to inflict more punishment.  A nice powerslam off the ropes finishes, giving Norton his first WCW win since 1993.

In a taped promo, Kevin Sullivan says that the Dungeon of Doom stripped WCW Champion Hulk Hogan of his pride in Denver.  The Giant rips up promotional pictures of Hogan with a homicidal glee as Sullivan tells Hogan that it is time to avenge the Pontiac Silverdome.  Nothing screams second-rate than a promotion using events from a rival company and incorporating them into a storyline.

Television Championship Match:  Diamond Dallas Page (w/the Diamond Doll & Maxx Muscle) (16-1-2) pins Joey Maggs after a Diamond Cutter at 5:19:

This is Page’s first title defense, and it is humorous to think that Maggs deserves a television title shot, having failed to win a single match in 1995.  The match lasts too long as Page gets a long, deliberate heat segment and Maggs manages little offense before eating a Diamond Cutter.

Ric Flair (15-3) beats Sergeant Craig Pittman (37-5) with a small package at 6:02:

Tony Schiavone and Dusty call this bout, which was filmed at Center Stage in Atlanta as part of the WCW Saturday Night tapings on August 30.  Flair and Pittman focus on the body part that will set up their respective finishers, with Flair working the leg and Pittman targeting the Nature Boy’s arm.  Flair also shows more smarts than any of Pittman’s prior opponents, field goal kicking the former Marine in the gut when Pittman taunts by doing some push-ups.  Pittman’s knee is effectively neutralized after Flair’s attack and although he successfully blocks two figure-four attempts, he cannot get the former WCW champion up for a suplex and is pinned with a small package.  The Cobra feud did Pittman few favors, but he did not look anywhere near Flair’s level in this match.  Rating:  **½

Chris Cruise interviews Arn Anderson, who hypes his cage match with Flair that is booked for the next Monday Nitro in Chicago.  He puts over the bout as a way to end their feud.

The Last Word:  The main event was a fun psychological battle, even if it made Pittman look like a relatively ineffective midcarder, and the other matches benefitted by sprinkling in glorified jobbers agai

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