AEW must succeed.

It’s impossible to topple WWE in terms of fan loyalty and guaranteed income that it feels like any competition is unlikely to make any dent in its popularity.

When RAW is bad, if a WWE PPV is dull and uninspired it’s ok, it’s the norm, the accepted standard and seemingly enough people are fine with this and keep watching in hopes that one day things will get better.

I already know if AEW doesn’t draw an insane amount of views and every match isn’t at least 4 stars every single week, or whatever the goal post shifting target is, then everyone will write AEW off with their “told you so” attitude. You can already see the discussions where WWE gets a free pass for shitty TV programming but AEW has an impossible goal to even remotely appease a small fraction of the wrestling fan base and the first episode isn’t even out yet. AEW has an impossible task ahead of it.

I fear It doesn’t matter what AEW will do, it will never be good enough. If quality mattered then the WWE would have died a decade ago but alas here we still are.

AEW please save us. AEW please succeed.

I'd rather they both be good, personally.