Hey Scott, been reading the posts on Kingston and I do not find his reign to be a failure. I am shocked it's going on six months, I really thought he was going to lose it the next night when he challenged Rollins title for title. I just feel there is a lack of opponents to draw interest. WWE has become all about the chase and the moment of capture. After that, it's as if they shoot blanks. 

Being that Brock beatdown Kofi last night, they should run the same spot for a few weeks, where Kofi keeps telling New Day he has this and sends them away and keeps getting beat down by Brock. Have Kofi drop the title and New Day turn on Kofi as they feel he thought he was better without them. Or run that angle through the Smackdown FOX debut, week after week he keeps sending New Day back and you think they are going to turn, but on the big debut he sends them off and then during the match they return, cause a DQ finish, argue, and then turn on Brock in unison. Brock has essentially 3 challengers, and it makes Kofi interesting. 
The problem with Kofi was that the only way they know how to book babyfaces is by trying to recreate Daniel Bryan, but Bryan was a unique situation where he essentially got over DESPITE their booking.  For me, and of course your mileage may vary, Kofi doesn't have the star power or charisma to carry himself as a top guy World champion, which is why we've had a series of deathly dull midcard title defenses from him that no one particularly remembers or cared about at the time.  He is very much the "B Plus player" that they tagged Bryan as, a good hand in the midcard who is very lucky to have gotten this run, but that's all.  He can happily go back to selling t-shirts and pancake mix or whatever the fuck the New Day is selling this week and continue to have a fruitful career that way.  
Also, I don't see Brock feuding with the New Day on the billion dollar Smackdown show.  Just a hunch.  Now King Corbin, there's the cheddar.