The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–02.20.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 02.20.82

Yeah, all the way back to where I originally left off with Bill Watts back in 1982. WHY NOT. Here’s where we left things back when I was originally at that point:

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Bill Watts. Boyd’s suit this week appears to be…lobsters?


Bill recaps some of the injuries happening at the hands of the heels and we’re off.

Cocoa Samoa v. Bill Ash

Cocoa was a fairly notable regional star, and according to Wikipedia he started a company that provided janitorial jobs to the homeless after he retired. They do a test of strength and Ash tries some cheapshots, but Cocoa fires back with headbutts as Bill talks about going to the Oklahoma high school meet and being really impressed with this kid named Williams and I’m like “Aha!”. But no, the timeline doesn’t quite match up, as Dr. Death would have already been in University by that point and I think already training in Mid-South’s system. Ash beats him down and goes to a chinlock, but Samoa fights out of that and slugs away on Ash while he flails on the ropes. Samoa goes up with a flying splash and that’s it at 5:36. Ash is a complete Crockett jobber by his looks, but this was a much more competitive match than you’d expect. Shockingly so.

General Skandor Akbar stops by to brag about probably ending the careers of Mike George and Ernie Ladd last week, and he’s going to continue by going through Junkyard Dog and “Ted DeBussie”. Also, Dusty Rhodes is a cancer and he’s the cure for cancer. Well he doesn’t lack for confidence in himself.

The Wild Samoans v. Brian Blair & Frank Monte

The Samoans are now the Mid-South tag team champions, although this is non-title. Blair manages to work the arm on Sika and throws dropkicks, but Monte comes in and immediately walks into a headbutt. The babyfaces manage to hold Afa in their corner and continue working the arm, but Monte again gets too excited and runs into a brick wall of Samoan before Afa finishes him with the samoan drop at 3:13. He kind of did an airplane spin and then dropped him on his face, so that wasn’t ideal.

Ted Dibiase v. Larry Higgins

Larry was better known as Hacksaw Higgins later on but he’s a raw rookie jobber at this point. Mid-South was a good territory for guys named Hacksaw I guess. Dibiase takes him down to the mat for a hammerlock and then grabs a painful looking top wristlock and cranks on that to frustrate Higgins. Dibiase pounds him with elbows in the corner and takes him down with a hooking clothesline, then finishes with the figure-four at 3:15. Higgins looked totally lost out there by the end, but you can see how a big burly guy like that would get a shot eventually.

Bob Roop v. Rick Ferrara

They trade hammerlocks on the mat while Bill talks about his son Erik, currently wrestling as a junior in high school and doing darn well at it. Roop gets a facelock and Ferrera makes a clean escape, so Roop punches him with a cheapshot and finishes with a shoulderbreaker at 3:30. Bill notes that he just couldn’t resist cheating.

The Grappler & Bob Sweetan v. Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia

I may have brushed on the subject before, but Bob Sweetan is seriously one of the ugliest human beings to ever compete as a top star in wrestling. The man literally looks like a gargoyle. Olympia controls Grappler with dropkicks, and JYD comes in and cleans house on the heels, still fired up about his friend Mike George getting injured, and he hits them both with headbutts and sends them running. Back to Olympia, who goes after Grappler’s arm and then tries for the mask, but Grappler escapes that and brings Sweetan in. Olympia rolls him up for two and Dog actually does an armbar on Sweetan. An honest to god wrestling hold! Dog slugs it out with Grappler as Bill compares it to “That fight Sugar Ray Leonard had with that French guy the other night”, but then I checked and I guess he was saying “That FINCH guy” as in Bruce Finch. Olympia gets a hot tag after Dog fights off the heels and Olympia gets the sleeper on Grappler, but Sweetan hits him in the throat to break. Olympia gives Sweetan another sleeper and Grappler loads up the loaded boot, but hits Sweetan by mistake and the Dog THUMPS him to finish at 5:50. A perfectly cromulent tag team match.

Dusty Rhodes v. Ed Wiskowski

It’s the American Dream v. The Polish Prince! Dusty immediately takes him down and goes after the knee as Bill notes that Dusty’s father was a “brown bagger” and proud of it. I’m assume that’s an expression for someone who takes a brown bag lunch to work, although I haven’t heard that particular phrase before. Dusty continues working the leg on the mat, but Wiskowski slams out of it and goes up for a splash. Dusty gets the knees up and finishes with the elbowdrop at 3:30. He pretty much squashed the shit out of Ed there.

Paul Orndorff v. Tony Torres

Orndorff has some scruff here, which is actually really weird to see. Torres takes him down with an armdrag and works a hammerlock on him for a bit, but Orndorff makes the ropes and Torres takes him down with a small package for two. Orndorff pops right up from that and beats him down as the jobber shine is FINISHED and Orndorff goes to work. He drops elbows on the guy for two and then picks him up for a dropkick, then goes to work on the leg with a god awful figure-four to finish at 2:53. TED DIBIASE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. He looked like he forgot how to apply the hold halfway through.

Cowboy and Boyd wrap things up.

Next week: Ted Dibiase defends the North American title against The Grappler!