Hey Scott, we are about three weeks out from AEW from airing on TNT, marking TNT’s first wrestling show in over 18 years. Obviously, TNT is playing it safe by airing this show on Wednesday, as Raw and Smackdown fall on Monday and Tuesday. Do you see TNT wanting
to compete with WWE and USA Network sometime down the line if the numbers become high enough? The reason why I ask is because the cable market has changed so much in 18 years and with digital streaming becoming more prevelant, competing for television ratings
on cable doesn’t seem as important as it did back in the Monday Night War days.

I'd say it's even more important now because the cable industry, and TNT in particular, are in the toilet compared to then.  USA is only hanging on because of the 18 hours of WWE programming they air every week and TNT wants a piece of that pie as well.