What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – September 30, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are calling the action and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.

Opening Contest:  The Disco Inferno (4-1) defeats Barry Houston after a swinging neckbreaker at 1:06:

Doug Dillinger has to get Disco out of his locker room because he is not done combing his hair.  Houston catches Disco off guard with a hiptoss but quickly eats a boot to the gut and the swinging neckbreaker puts him away.  Schiavone calls the move “a flying neckbreaker.”

Heenan laughs about WCW Champion Hulk Hogan’s recent misfortunes against the Giant.

Kurasawa (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (6-0) beats Scott Armstrong (0-9) via submission to a Fujiwara armbar at 2:19:

Armstrong manages very little substantive offense against Kurasawa, who uses a shoulderbreaker to set up the Fujiwara armbar.  After the match, Kurasawa meditates in the ring.

Chris Cruise interviews Johnny B. Badd.  Cruise announces that Badd is going to get a television title shot soon against Diamond Dallas Page.  Badd calls Page a zero and says that he does not appreciate how Page treats the Diamond Doll.  Of course, Badd is getting a United States title shot too and he puts Sting on notice that he will not be a pushover when they face off.

Alex Wright (48-7-2) pins the Grappler after a superduperplex at 3:11:

Kurasawa is still in the ring meditating when Wright makes his entrance but leaves without incident.  Wright and the Grappler have an embarrassing miscommunication when Wright comes off the ropes and the Grappler does nothing, so they collide and then awkwardly fall to the canvas.  Continuing the theme of new moves on today’s show, Wright uses a superduperplex to put the Grappler away.

In the Halloween Havoc Control Center, Meng and Kevin Sullivan do a taped promo against Lex Luger.  Meng’s hooded outfit makes him look like a second-rate luchador.  Sullivan warns Luger that Meng has the golden spike.  Luger has some funny verbal flubs in his promo, ranting about “Mang” and “the Taskmasker” and how he is bringing his A-game to Halloween Havoc.  Of course, this bout is mute if Luger loses to Randy Savage on the next Monday Nitro, but WCW decided to go ahead and telegraph the result of that match by announcing Luger for the pay-per-view.

Big Bubba Rogers (25-8-1) defeats Johnny Drayton after a Big Bubba Slam in 39 seconds:

Rogers swallows up Drayton, beating him against the ropes and winning in less than a minute.

In a terrible production snafu, Gene Okerlund interviews Lex Luger despite Luger already getting promo time as part of the Halloween Havoc Control Center minutes earlier.  Luger repeats his talking points about Meng before ranting about Randy Savage and not getting any respect.

Non-Title Match:  Sting (United States Champion) (29-2) beats Arn Anderson (22-10-2) via disqualification when Brian Pillman interferes at 6:19:

Sting last wrestled – and defeated – Anderson on the April 22 edition of WCW Saturday Night as part of the U.S. title tournament.  Anderson works the leg for a while, which Sting forgets about in his comeback.  Before Sting even gets to his big moves, Pillman runs into the ring and draws a disqualification ending Anderson’s seven-match winning streak.  This was a waste of viewers time.  Rating:  ½*

As Sting fends off a two-on-one beatdown, Ric Flair runs out to even the odds.  However, Sting is unwilling to acknowledge Flair’s presence and walks out of the ring.

On the interview stage, Flair begs Sting to be his partner, but Sting brings up how Flair stabbed Sting in the back when he was supposed to be a Four Horsemen five years ago.  Flair continues to beg, but Sting turns him down once again because he says he cannot trust Flair.

Tune in next week to see Randy Savage face Dick Slater!  Also, Ric Flair faces Bunkhouse Buck!  And Diamond Dallas Page is in action!

The Last Word:  The only thing that would have made this show worthwhile was a good feature match but Sting and Arn Anderson just went through the motions before Brian Pillman could intervene to kick off some angle development for Halloween Havoc.  The back-to-back Lex Luger promos show how little WCW cared about this show.

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