205 Live #146 – 10/09/2019

Hello You!

So more 205 Live again, with a notable debut this week that I’m mucho looking forward to!

The event is emanating from Madison Square Garden

Calling the action are Vic Joseph and Aiden English. With NXT now going up on USA, Nigel McGuinness has sadly departed the announce desk. However, it’s apparently essential to have three commentators for whatever reason, so former NFL player Dio Maddin steps into the chair as the replacement.

We open up with a recap of the past two weeks. Humberto Carrillo pinned Oney Lorcan two weeks ago to earn a Cruiserweight Title match on the Collision of Title Holders pre-show. However, Lince Dorado then pinned Carrillo last week, thus getting added to the match. The show then closed with Tony Nese going heel to help Cruiserweight Champ Drew Gulak beat down Dorado and Carrillo.

Show Intro. Still featuring lots of Noam Dar even though we seemingly haven’t seen him for months.

Opening Match
The Brian Kendrick and Sono Akira Tozawa Vs Jack Gallagher and the Mystery Tag Team Partner of DOOM!

Kendrick and Tozawa laid down the challenge to Jack last week, so he comes out and reveals his mystery partner to be none other than KUSHIDA! Well he’ll certainly spruce the 205 roster up a bit. KUSHIDA gets a bit of chant from the MSG crowd, who are probably the best crowd to debut him in front of. KUSHIDA and Kendrick go at it first, with both men showing off some nice technical wrestling acumen. KUSHIDA gets the better of things, leaving Kendrick frustrated, and eventually goes for an arm bar but Kendrick is able to make the ropes to break the hold. Gallagher and Tozawa go next, with Jack showing off some of his British wrestling counters, which leads to both men trading pinning holds. Eventually Kendrick gets a blind tag and flings Jack shoulder first into the ring post for the cut off.

Kendrick and Tozawa work Jack over for a bit, as it would appear they are playing the role of subtle heels here. Eventually Kendrick and Tozawa go for a double team Sliced Bread #2 on Jack, but he’s able to block it and then make his way to the corner to tag in KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA runs wild on the opposition and gets a DDT to Kendrick before transitioning to the cross arm breaker. Tozawa breaks that up, but Jack lends a hand to take care of him, which allows KUSHIDA to counter out of The Captain’s Hook and then go to tag Jack. Kendrick drags Jack off the apron to the stop the tag however and that allows Tozawa to take him out with a cannonball off the apron. KUSHIDA looks to be in trouble now, but heel miscommuncation sees Tozawa kick Kendrick by mistake, which leads to KUSHIDA taking him out with a punch and then go to a double wrist lock on Kendrick, which is enough for the submission win.

RATING: **1/2

Decent showcase for KUSHIDA as he got to essentially beat two men clean on his own. Obviously it would be nice if he could remain on NXT as well, if only because WWE doesn’t treat its Cruiserweight division with much respect and he’d probably get a better push on there. In all honesty, I’d be happy with them merging the Cruiserweight Title into NXT and just having the guys work on that show, as they’ll get treated far better by the NXT crowds.

KUSHIDA share a laugh and a handshake post-match, as KUSHIDA seems very happy to have wrestled for WWE in MSG.

More annoying stuff from The Singh Brothers as they talk about losing their pride. Of note, the director listed on their clip board is The Great Khali. Does that perhaps mean that Khali is coming in as their muscle? This was as boring as the usual Singh segment we get every week.

Mike Kanellis is with Sarah the interviewer. She asks him what he thinks about Tony Nese’s heel turn seeing as he defeated Nese last week. He says he’s nonplussed and that he’s sick of doing nothing on 205 Live whilst others get main events. Maria comes over and says Mike was pathetic last week and that his win didn’t mean anything. Wow, what a rotten cow. Are we supposed to be sympathising with Kanellis here? Is he supposed to be going face thanks to all of this? Because otherwise I don’t get it at all.

Match Two
Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado Vs Drew Gulak and Tony Nese

The uneasy alliance between the two Latino’s is immediately put to the test when Gulak and Nese jump them during their entrance. Ariya Daivari even comes down to help the heels as well; leading to a 3 on 2 beat down. However, that is the cue for Gran Metalik to make his return to 205 Live to clear the ring. Carrillo grabs a mic and lays down the challenge for a 6 man tag, which the heels seemingly accept and the match is on.

Daivari rushes in without his partners so they drag him out so they can regroup, which allows Dorado to dive out on to them. Dorado runs wild on Daivari back inside, and gets a high cross body for two. The Technicos work over Daivari in their corner, but eventually he is able to tag out to Gulak and cheap shot Dorado for the cut off. Dorado gets worked over in the heel corner for a bit, which leads to the crowd doing the wave. That’s just disrespectful to be honest, if you don’t want to be there then just leave rather than messing around like that just to entertain yourselves. Smackdown has finished, just go home if you don’t care about the 205 Live portion of the event.

Dorado eventually manages to make the tag to Metalik, who runs wild on Nese with some lovely stuff and then dropkicks him to the outside before following with a dive off the apron. Nese dodges that however and then turns Metalik inside out with a running forearm for another cut off. I’m not exactly sure this match needed two heat segments to be honest, especially with an already distracted crowd, who are all looking somewhere else off screen seemingly chanting for a baby. Gulak, thinking on his feet, does a body slam on Metalik but rocks him like a baby first, which at least gets the crowd to pay attention to the match again for a bit.

Fans start chanting “You’ve still got it” to the baby next, which causes Daivari to play up to it. Okay guys, you’ve seen the baby, how about paying attention to the wrestlers who are working hard to entertain you? Just a thought, small quirk of mine I must admit. Anyway, Daivari jaws with the Technicos, which allows Metalik to make the tag to Carrillo. Carrillo runs wild on the heels, getting a standing moonsault onto Gulak for two. All of the heels get sent outside, where Carrillo follows with a moonsault to the floor, which is the sort of high risk move this piss poor crowd doesn’t deserve after their insolence, and then rolls Gulak back inside for two.

Carrillo heads up top and gets a missile dropkick, but Nese comes in to break up the pin this time. Everyone comes in with a big move, which leads to Gulak getting a Tenzan Driver on Carrillo for two. Man, they’re working so hard here for these ungrateful arse holes in the crowd, more power to them for it I would have given up by this stage. Gulak goes for a suplex on Carrillo, but that gets turned into an inside cradle for two. Gulak tags in Nese, who comes off the top with a 450 Splash onto Carrillo, who is able to kick out at two.

The heels set the Technicos up on the top rope for what seems like triple super back drops, but the technicos fight them off and come down with triple moonsaults, onto land on three sets of feet. They respond with a trio of super kicks to the heels though and then everyone is down. Dorado tags himself in, but gets sit out powerbombed by Gulak. Carrillo breaks up the pin at two and then takes care of Nese, whilst Metalik takes out Daivari with a crazy rana off the apron. Drew goes for the Cyclone Crash (Torture Wrack into a neck breaker) but Dorado slips out and gets a Shooting Star Press for the win.

RATING: ***1/4

The work was really good here but the douchebag crowd was too busy acting like a bunch of weapons to notice. Screw them, but well done to the wrestlers for still working hard and delivering a fun match.

The Technicos celebrate to close the show, although there is still some tension between Dorado and Carrillo ahead of the Title match on Sunday

In Conclusion

Good wrestling this week with an awful crowd. Get these 205 guys out of arenas and into Full Sail ASAP!