Rock Star Gary reflects on WCCW 01-21-1984

Taped from Dallas, TX

Airdate: January 21, 1984 (taped 01/06)

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Bill Mercer

How will Andre make a difference for Parsons against Devastation, Inc.? Can Kevin topple Garvin, and will Adams be a factor? Who also makes an impolite debut? And what dynamic duo will assist me with hosting this episode?

Crockett and Tubbs! Great to have you along! We can’t have you guys here without your theme song though. Hit it!

Opening montage.

Match 1: Kamala (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar & Friday) versus Rick Rude


  • Holy smooth operators, Batman! We have a future World champion making his WCCW debut.
  • Kamala provided him with a standing choke, but Rude retaliated with a pair of dropkicks.
  • When Kamala chopped Rude in the throat, he followed with a splash to Rude’s back.
  • After another one, Kamala pinned Rude.

Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Kamala as the future “Ravishing” one paid his dues.

Back in the locker room, Mercer interviews “Gentleman” Chris Adams with Sunshine. Adams cuts a promo on Garvin while Sunshine disregards the American title and wants to inflict pain upon Garvin and Precious. Piece of advice, fellas: don’t turn your back on a woman.

Match 2: Kevin Von Erich versus “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin (w/ Precious)


  • While the younger portion of the Dallas faithful chanted “we want Sunshine,” Kevin countered an arm bar with a dropkick.
  • He then slammed Garvin and followed with a splash for 2.
  • As he gave Garvin a cross corner whip, Kevin followed with a knee to the midsection.
  • He then mounted the second turnbuckle and delivered a flying elbow smash for 2.
  • When Kevin slammed Garvin, Adams and Sunshine came to ringside.
  • Adams then got up on the apron and distracted referee Bronko Lubich.
  • Nefariously, Garvin tossed Kevin over the top rope, but Kevin skinned the cat back into the ring.
  • Adams then shoved Garvin toward Kevin who hooked an O’Connor roll.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Kevin won.

Rating: **

Summary: The Adams factor improved the match ten-fold with the Dallas faithful LOSING THEIR DAMN MINDS over the Adams-Garvin feud.

After the match, Adams and Sunshine chase Garvin and Precious back to the heel locker room.

Back in the locker room, Mercer interviews Parsons who introduces Andre as his partner. Talk about an equalizer.

Match 3: Super Destroyers (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) versus ‘Iceman” King Parsons & Andre the Giant


  • #1 leap-frogged him, but Parsons immediately slammed him.
  • When #2 tagged in, he attempted to slam Parsons but received a slam instead.
  • #1 tagged in and gave Parsons a cross corner whip but ate boot on his follow-through.
  • As Andre tagged in to a LOUD ovation, #1 jumped on his back, however, Andre SQUISHED him in the corner. You know, a super destroyer sounds like a meal from Subway.
  • #2 entered the ring illegally, but Andre sandwiched him in the corner.
  • After the Destroyers refused to re-enter the ring, Andre supplied them with a double noggin knocker.
  • He then brought #1 back into the ring the hard way.
  • Shortly after, #1 tagged back in, mounted the second turnbuckle, and delivered a double axe handle.
  • Parsons tagged in and backdropped #1.
  • When he rammed #1 head-first into Andre’s boot, Parsons got 2.
  • #2 tagged in and guillotined Parsons with the top rope.
  • As #2 hit a knee drop, #1 tagged in, mounted the second turnbuckle, and nailed Parsons.
  • #2 then provided Parsons with a back elbow and baited Andre into the ring.
  • With referee David Manning distracted, the Destroyers illegally switched, and #1 delivered a knee drop for 2. SNEAKY!
  • #2 tagged in and put a knee into Parsons’ midsection.
  • After he gave Parsons a cross corner whip, #2 followed with another knee to the midsection.
  • He then gave Parsons another cross corner whip but came up empty on his follow-through.
  • Hot tag Andre.
  • When he caused a double Destroyer collision, Andre shot-put Parsons from the top turnbuckle onto both of them. Wow!
  • With all four wrestlers in the ring, Kamala suddenly stormed the ring to attack Andre.
  • Referee David Manning called for the bell to disqualify the Destroyers.
  • Hence, Andre and Parsons won.

Rating: ***

Summary: Andre, in his prime, could do no wrong. The Destroyers played the role of pawns for him, and Andre captivated the Dallas faithful beautifully. Without question, the Dallas faithful got their money’s worth from this card.

After the match, Kamala continues to maul Andre until Andre returns to his feet. Andre then head-butts Kamala through the ropes to the floor, tosses one of the Destroyers over the top rope, but barely misses getting his catcher’s mitt-sized meat hooks on Akbar. To add insult to injury, Andre uses Akbar’s keffiyeh to shine Parsons’ boots. HA!

Conclusion:  On top of great storylines, Fritz and Ken Mantell knew how to counter the January cash-flow drop-off with recruiting Andre for a week. Andre packed the house and put on a show like only he can.

Watching Adams and Sunshine cost Garvin a match is always fun. Also, seeing Rude near the inception of his career adds well to the mix. What are your collective thoughts, Tubbs and Crockett?

Thanks for joining, guys. By the way, if a woman tells you that she’s associated with RSG…

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for WCCW 01-28-84!

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