WWF Wrestling Challenge – April 3rd, 1994

April 3, 1994

From the Paul Gerry Fieldhouse in Loch Sheldrake, NY

Your hosts are Stan Lane and Ted DiBiase


We see still photos of the Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna match at WrestleMania with special guest referee Mr. Perfect costing Luger the match.


Lex Luger vs. Derek Domino

Domino slaps Luger after a break in the corner but Luger fights back. Luger clotheslines Domino as Lane says Luger is a new man with a new attitude. We then hear from Perfect in an insert promo as he once again tells Luger no one gets away with putting their hands on himself. Luger then hits a powerslam and uses the “Rebel Rack” according to Lane for the win (1:26). We also learn that next week Johnny Polo will have an interview with Perfect.

Thoughts: They are pushing that Luger now has a new attitude since getting screwed over at WrestleMania. Plus, Perfect will have an interview for next week in which he will likely explain his actions.


WWF Live Event News. Same as we saw on “Superstars” to hype the WrestleMania Revenge tour.


We see the announcers with DiBiase counting his money. DiBiase then gives goads Lane into an April Fools joke.


Jim Cornette is in the ring to introduce the Heavenly Bodies


Heavenly Bodies w/ Jim Cornette vs. PJ Walker & John Chrystal

DiBiase talks about Cornette’s history of managing reputable tag teams as Lane says he will not argue that point. Nice touch. Chrystal surprises Prichard with an arm drag as Lane tells us that Men on a Mission beat The Quebecers for the Tag Team Titles at Royal Albert Hall but two days later The Quebecers retained them in Sheffield, England. The Bodies work over Walker as Lane says Tatanka, Crush, Smoking Gunns, Kwang, and Doink will all be in action this week. The Bodies use some nice double-team moves then Walker just kicks out of a thrust kick from Del Ray. Prichard tags and uses a gutwrench bomb on Walker then the Bodies hit an assisted powerbomb. Chrystal tags and hits some dropkicks but gets outnumbered then soon after that is put away when Del Ray hits a twisting moonsault block (4:41).

Thoughts: Long for an enhancement match but the Bodies looked good as the announcers played them up as deserving of a title shot. They also ran down the other talents that would be appearing on the show which typically does not happen during the second match.


We get a video hyping Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb on RAW.


Now we are shown IRS come out and taunt Tatanka during his match against Kwang on “Superstars” and that resulted in Tatanka fighting IRS as the feud over IRS wanting Tatanka to pay a gift tax on his headdress continues.


Tatanka vs. Cory Student

Lane talks about the importance of Tatanka’s headdress while DiBiase just laughs and cracks jokes. Tatanka grounds Student then chops him hard after a hip toss. DiBiase then says Tatanka will pay for not paying his taxes while Lane says taxes are due on the 15th. Tatanka then catches Student with a powerslam as Lane plugs the ten-man tag that was originally going to happen at WrestleMania will take place this Monday on RAW. Student fights back and drops Tatanka with a back elbow smash but Tatanka fires up and chops away before using the Samoan Drop for the win (3:04).

Thoughts: They touched upon the Tatanka/IRS feud while mostly hyping the ten-man tag for RAW.


More reasons as to why we should pay our taxes from IRS.


Crush w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Mike Khoury

The announcers talk about the Crush vs. Randy Savage match at WrestleMania with DiBiase saying their feud is far from over. We get a USA chant now as Khoury lands a few shots then a dropkick. He now tries mounted punches but ends up getting dropped with an inverted atomic drop. Crush drops Khoury with a dropkick as the announcers talk about his strength. Crush then drops Khoury with a press slam before a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets the win (2:39). After the match, Fuji tells Crush to do something so Crush hits the heart punch as Lane screams about that move being outlawed.

Thoughts: Based on commentary it seemed like they were still selling Savage/Crush as a feud and hinted Crush deserved a rematch. They did some matches on the European tour after WrestleMania but that was all for them. They also now gave Crush the heart punch as he is now doing this because the anger of losing to Savage at WrestleMania threw him over the edge.


Rhonda Shear tells us how much she loves WrestleMania


Smoking Gunns vs. Tony DeVito & Duane Gill

The announcers talk about The Gunns being possible title contenders but DiBiase says they have a long way to go until that happens. The Gunns work over DeVito early as the females in the crowd are into them a lot. Now the announcers talk about The Quebecers as Lane says they are lucky but DiBiase says who cares because the champs have the money. DeVito finally tags out after raking Billy’s eyes but Billy catches Gill with a powerslam then the Gunns hit the flying elbow drop/powerbomb combo, now called the “Sidewinder” for the win (3:47).

Thoughts: The Gunns were over with the ladies here and did look good in the ring but its still clear they are not part of any plans at the moment.


Another WWF Live Event News segment for the WrestleMania Revenge tour.


Kwang w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Ben Jordan

The announcers talk about the Earthquake/Adam Bomb match as Jordan dropkicks Kwang in the corner. Kwang then catches Jordan with a chop before spraying mist into the air. Kwang then clotheslines Jordan as Lane calls him the master of Shaolin Kung Fu. Kwang continues to beat on Jordan then chokes him out on the mat. Jordan floats over to avoid a powerslam but gets beat down then Kwang hits a spinning heel kick for the win (3:16).

Thoughts: Most of the match was hyping the Earthquake/Bomb match for RAW. Kwang is still not over whatsoever.


The ad for the WWF Greetings on Call airs.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Jim Massenger

Lane says that Doink, Dink, Lex Luger, and The Bushwhackers will all be in attendance at the White House Easter egg roll. Dink messes with Massenger then Doink trips up Massenger. Doink catches Massenger with a dropkick as Dink was chased around. Doink grounds Massenger with a half-nelson as Lane puts over his amateur background. Massenger fights back and gets a one count with an elbow drop. Clothesline gets two. Doink surprises him with a small package for two. Sunset flip gets two. The announcers hype up Earthquake/Bomb as Doink gets another nearfall before working the arm on the mat. Massenger misses a charge in the corner then Doink hits a German suplex before the Whoopie Cushion gets the win (2:57). DiBiase once again plugs next week’s Mr. Perfect interview and how we will not believe what he has to say.

Thoughts: The Doink & Dink act is cooked. The crowd does not care. The announcers spent the match hyping up RAW and next week’s interview with Perfect.


Next week in action are Owen Hart, Razor Ramon, Earthquake, and Kwang. Plus, the exclusive interview with Mr. Perfect.


The show ends with a music video recap of the show that is shot in black-and-white. It uses the Challenge theme as well.


Final Thoughts: Challenge just feels like an incredibly dated show. With no real exclusive content other than enhancement matches there is less and less reason to watch. Next week at least has an interview but there is not a whole lot to get excited about for this show.