The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling–01.18.86

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 01.18.86

Well, these don’t do great, but I love watching them.

As always, please keep in mind the dating is wrong and it’s actually the 01.11.86 show.

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & Johnny Weaver

Arn Anderson joins us to start, having won the TV title tournament and rocking a cool hat.


Arn is totally wearing that hat. Some people let the hats wear them, but Arn is wearing that hat. However, the hat is overshadowed by the fact that Dusty Rhodes has broken Ole’s leg and Arn’s day is ruined. Ole is Arn’s cousin in this version of reality, by the way.

The Rock N Roll Express v. Thunderfoot & Jim Jeffers

The RNR quickly double-team Jeffers and Ricky dropkicks him and works the arm. Have I mentioned lately what a stupid gimmick “Thunderfoot” was? They actually gave the guy a push with JJ Dillon for a bit and I believe his big gimmick was that he had a loaded boot. Talk about telegraphing your finish. The RNR double hiptoss Jeffers and finish with the double dropkick at 1:45, which gives us classic Tommy Young where he slides out of the ring and counts the pin from the floor. Enjoy those titles while you can, Rock N Roll Express!

Arn Anderson is back and he’s still miserable. So we go back to the Omni show where things went bad for Ole, as Dusty and the Road Warriors triple-team Ole after a six-man against the Horsemen, and Arn whines about Dusty still wearing his steel-toed boot even though the ankle is healed! Well he is carrying a lot of weight on it. Arn thinks there’s a double standard against the Horsemen here, as opposed to someone like Daffy Duck getting beat up, which would apparently be an outrage. I’d certainly have some questions.

Back from the break and Arn is STILL here, like the friend who won’t take a hint and go away. Arn is still upset because Dusty didn’t even want to win the match and was just out to injure people. Yeah, good thing Arn has never done THAT.

Sam Houston & Nelson Royal v. The Golden Terror & other guy

Royal and Houston double-team the Golden Shower and Houston gets a kneelift for two, while the announcers speculate that the Andersons might have to vacate the National tag team titles now! Which is how they got rid of those titles. Houston finishes with the bulldog at 1:30 and we never find out the identity of the other guy.

Dusty Rhodes and Baby Doll are here and he’s out for revenge on the Horsemen, and breaking Ole’s leg was just the first step. Dusty doesn’t want any plastic, cartoon, or “long blond hair inside the magazines” type of champions. I’m sure Dusty would be quite happy holding all the titles in the company simultaneously. They let Baby Doll talk for some reason and she sounds drunker than Johnny Weaver. Dusty is apparently hotter than a “two dollar pistol”. Is…is that a good thing? Does one WANT to be hotter than a two dollar pistol?

Manny Fernandez v. George South

Manny quickly chops South down while the girls SCREAM for him. Hot and sexy Manny, I guess. Flying burrito finishes at 1:11 after some bumps from South.

The Rock N Roll Express join us and they’ve got not much to add here.

Ronnie Garvin v. Vern Deaton

Deaton tries a headlock and that goes badly for him, as Garvin takes him down and bends him on the mat for a bit before adding a double stomp. Garvin chops away and finishes with HANDS OF STONE at 1:31.

Nelson Royal, Sam Houston & Ron Bass join us, and this is quite the menagerie of Texans. Wasn’t Houston just with Pez Whatley last week? Man, that partnership didn’t last long. They all celebrate Ole getting his leg broken. Obviously they’re not familiar with schadenfreude and the concept of karma.

Magnum TA has narrowed down his goals to Nikita Koloff in 1986, but he also has no sympathy for Ole Anderson getting his leg broken. Well of COURSE he’d take Dusty’s side. So Caudle throws it to a video recap of the TV title tournament. What did that have to do with Magnum TA?

The Barbarian v. Mac Jeffers

Which Jeffers is the best Jeffers, I wonder? I know we used to have long arguments about it on the school yards. Barbarian throws Jeffers around and gets a press slam, then blocks a bodypress attempt with a backbreaker and follows with a short clothesline and legdrop. Barbie drops him on the top rope and adds the big boot, then finishes with the powerslam and flying headbutt at 3:05.

Ric Flair joins us to rant about Dusty Rhodes and his “blonde stooge” and how they don’t impress him FOR A MINUTE. Dusty has still not beaten The Man, so thus logically he cannot be The Man.

The Midnight Express v. Denny Brown & Ron Rossi

The MX double-team Brown while Pez Whatley joins us on commentary and he’s still convinced that he’s got some new tricks in 86. Has anyone seen Pez and Johnny Cochran in the same place, come to think of it? Eaton drops a flying knee on Brown and they bring in Rossi for some choking in the corner and a suplex from Eaton. Rossi tries to tag out, but Condrey hauls him back with a running powerslam and drops Eaton onto Rossi with a legdrop for the pin at 2:24.

Back with Sam Houston & Nelson Royal again, because that’s what this show needs. MORE SAM HOUSTON. Nelson has taught him a new bulldog, which honestly looks the same as the old one to me, but I’m not from Texas and so I’m probably not qualified to judge anyway. Anyway, Nelson is still proud of him, and Houston stammers out a challenge to any team out there. He’s also dubious that the Four Horsemen have ever been near a horse in their lives. And then he does a cowboy dance to really show Tully Blanchard.

Tully Blanchard joins us, and if Dusty thinks that Baby Doll is a “classy broad”, then he’s welcome to keep her. So he’s gonna take the National title and Dusty is gonna be stuck with Baby Doll, a “200 pound albatross”. Awesome.

Jimmy Valiant v. Black Bart

And what a main event! They immediately fight to the floor and Jimmy runs him into the post, and back in for some thumbs to the eye. Bart fights back with elbows in the corner and chokes Jimmy down, but Valiant comes back with an abdominal stretch. He follows with the sleeper and is about to finish, but Tully Blanchard runs in for the DQ at 2:15. A beatdown quickly follows and Tully piledrives him on the concrete floor, but the babyfaces all run out to save, because that’s what babyfaces used to do. And then Dusty beats on Tully with elbows and chases him out of the ring to end the show.