What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – September 23, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  These tapings were done on August 21.  The Atlanta Braves are playing the Montreal Expos so this is a one-hour episode.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  Sting (United States Champion) (27-2) beats Lord Steven Regal (5-1-1) after heel miscommunication at 5:07:

Regal has not wrestled a singles match since forming the Blue Bloods, but he does not look rusty as he outwrestles Sting on the canvas.  The match is non-title because Sting is scheduled to face Johnny B. Badd in a title match next Saturday.  When Sting begins mounting his comeback Earl Robert Eaton runs out, but Ric Flair follows and pushes Eaton off the top rope, causing him to collide with Regal and allowing Sting to prevail.  Rating:  **

After the match, Flair tries to get Sting to embrace him and high five him.  However, Sting refuses to do so.  They are interviewed by Gene Okerlund, with Flair making his case for why they make a good team.  Flair even begs on his knees but Sting still rebuffs him.

Okerlund interviews Randy Savage, who repeats the same criticisms he had against Lex Luger on Monday Nitro.  He warns Kevin Sullivan that he is the king of being nuts.

Schiavone interviews Dusty Rhodes who will be back on commentary for WCW Saturday Night next week.  Why is this such a big deal?  Dusty is already doing commentary on some WCW broadcasts, so it is not like he is a new talent coming in.

Johnny B. Badd (37-5-2) defeats Chris Kanyon after the Badd Mood at 2:45:

Schiavone says that WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel has ratified the tag team title change between the American Males and Harlem Heat on Monday Nitro.  Bockwinkel had been put out to pasture by this point so that is why WCW did not bother having him film a short segment and had Schiavone do it instead.  Kanyon gets the glorified jobber shine by beating up Badd for over a minute before a missed moonsault gives Badd an opportunity to pull out his usual moves to defeat Kanyon for the second time this year.

Okerlund interviews Badd, who says Sting is a normal man and he is going to beat him for the U.S. title next week.  Television Champion Diamond Dallas Page and the Diamond Doll interrupt, with Page telling Badd that he is more worthy of receiving a title shot.  Badd responds by saying that after he becomes champion, he will give Page a title match.  The Doll is happy with that news, telling Page it is time to hit the gym.

Lex Luger recaps how his appearance in WCW has created a lot of controversy.  He says he does not understand why Randy Savage hates him so much and they will soon settle their dispute with each other.

The Disco Inferno (2-0) pins Mike Khoury after a swinging neckbreaker at 1:43:

Disco takes his time to get to the ring and fans upset him by chanting “Disco sucks!” during the match.  Unlike Disco’s previous opponents, Khoury fails to manage any offense and Disco finishes with a swinging neckbreaker.

Cobra (4-1) pins Sergeant Craig Pittman (35-3) after a Cobra clutch slam in 33 seconds:

Cobra returns the favor from Fall Brawl, coming from underneath the ring and catching Pittman with a Cobra clutch slam to end Pittman’s seven-match winning streak in less than a minute.  That means that this feud must continue!

WCW Champion Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart do a taped interview with Gene Okerlund.  Hogan, sporting a neck brace, rants about being tired of “Johnny come lately Hulk Hogan fans” and “rag sheets that know nothing about the business.”  Hogan gets back on track by saying that he is going to get his own monster truck, hook it to the Giant’s, and drag him around in circles at Halloween Havoc and after he does that, he is going to beat the Giant in the ring.  Okerlund is baffled about why the monster trucks matter, speaking for hordes of wrestling fans.

The Last Word:  This episode featured way too much talking but that is the new norm for WCW Saturday Night now that Monday Nitro has become the A-show.  The Hulk Hogan promo at the end is a sign that Hogan’s ego is getting out of control as he spent part of his promo talking about “inside” issues and is booking a monster truck match for Halloween Havoc, something that no fan asked for.  It will get much worse as we end 1995.

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