205 Live #145 – 03/09/2019

Hello You!

The Copperbox show from 31/08/2019 is up on New Japan World now, so I’ll give it a look this week at some point, probably at the weekend. In the meantime, here’s some more of 205 Live, the show that WWE might do a big LOST like twist for one day and reveal that it was all really a nightmare of Vince McMahon’s following a particularly heavy lunch in the 80’s.

The show is emanating from Norfolk, Virginia

Calling the action are Vic, Aiden and Nige

The 205 Live broadcast is undermined almost instantly by showing the wreckage of Erick Rowan’s attack on Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Not being funny, but the Heavyweights get five whole hours every week to be featured, they should sod off now and let the Cruiserweights have their time. Reigns drags himself to his feet, but leaves Bryan in the wreckage of the table even though Bryan has been completely vindicated. What a jerk, help the guy up, he’s been telling the truth for weeks!

The 205 Live section of the show finally starts, with Drake Maverick being backstage with Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado. Drake says that they will face one another in the main event tonight and that if Dorado wins he gets added to the Cruiserweight Title match on the Clash of Champions pre-show.

Show Intro

Opening Match
Tony Nese Vs Mike Kanellis

This match came about because Tony Nese got offended by some Kanellis Tweets, because that’s apparently what happens in wrestling now. Nese uses his speed to get the better of things in the early going, which causes Kanellis to bail outside to regroup. Nese follows him out there and drops him with a punch, but Kanellis replies by driving Nese back first into the barricade at ringside and then spiking Nese with a DDT onto the metal ramp.

Nese beats the count back in, but Kanellis is waiting and delivers a fireman’s carry into a Michinoku Driver for two before going to a chin lock. Nese tries to fight back, but Kanellis dodges his Quebrada attempt and then back body drops Kanellis to the floor. Kanellis drapes Nese over the barricade and then follows with a running dropkick off the apron. That only gets a two count back inside though, so Kanellis goes to back to the chin lock.

Kanellis stays on top of things and hurks Nese into a fireman’s carry again, but he takes too long and that allows Nese to slip out and then German Suplex him into the corner. Nese makes the comeback and gets the Quebrada for two. Nese tries the Sunset Driver (Modified piledriver like move) but Kanellis fights that off and gets a spine buster for two. Kanellis looks to be going for a backpack stunner, but Nese fights that off and then delivers a rana from the top for two. Kanellis replies by turning Nese inside out with a lariat, and that leaves both men down.

Both men fight up from their knees, with Kanellis getting the better of things and demanding Nese hit him. Nese obliges with a big punch, but ends up running into a big boot. Nese replies with a running forearm and then sends Kanellis outside for a big dive, before throwing Kanellis back into the ring where a 450 Splash gets two. I thought that was the finish to be honest. We see that Maria Kanellis is watching backstage and is happy her hubby kicked out. Kanellis gets a super kick and then follows up with the Roll of the Dice to pick up the win.


Good match and they actually had the crowd kind of invested by the end because they were working so hard. Maybe that means Kanellis’ luck is starting to turn?

Lince Dorado is warming up backstage, where Ariya Daivari comes over to take credit for Lince’s recent success. Lince blames Daivari for harming his relationship with the other members of Lucha House Party and calls him a leach.

The Singh Brothers are backstage and continue to bore me. They target The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa. Yay, I can’t wait.

Match Two

Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick Vs Brandon Scott and Tyler Hastings

Kendrick was supposed to face Jack Gallagher last week, but it got called off due to Jack having health issues of some kind. All the best to him and hopefully we’ll see him back soon. Tozawa do some nice double team moves, including a double Japanese Arm Drag. The enhancement wrestlers barely get any offence in and eventually one of them gets pinned with a dropkick/Complete Shot combo


Just a quick win for Kendrick and Tozawa to remind us that they still exist.

Kendrick grabs the mic and targets Jack Gallagher for not appearing this week. He then goes on to say that Jack can find a partner for next week to face Kendrick and Tozawa at Madison Square Garden.

Oney Lorcan is backstage about to be interviewed, where he sees Tony Nese getting angry because he lost. Lorcan tries to console him, but ends up getting beaten down for his troubles. I guess that’s Nese’s heel turn?

Main Event
If Dorado wins, he gets added to the Title match at Clash of Champions
Lince Dorado Vs Humberto Carrillo

We get a handshake to start, which is followed by some Lucha themed chain wrestling that ends in a Central American stand-off. Eventually Dorado throws some chops, so Carrillo replies with some Lucha arm drags and a nice rana. Dorado rolls onto the apron, but is able to avoid a Carrillo attack out there and ends up DDT’ing Carrillo on the floor. So that’s two matches in the same show where the cut off was a DDT outside the ring. Whose agenting these matches? Because that shouldn’t really happen but it was the same last week where the two matches followed the same formula.

Dorado works over Carrillo back inside, playing the not so subtle heel. Dorado tries a superplex, but Carrillo fights him off and then gets a nice missile dropkick from the top rope for a double down. Carrillo makes the comeback, getting a nice standing moonsault for two. Carrillo gets a twisting dive to the outside next and then gets a moonsault from the top back inside for two. Oh for the days when that was a finish. Dorado fights back with some wacky kicks and then gets a springboard reverse rana for two. They didn’t quite get that, but it was a nice idea.

Dorado tries to head up top, but Carrillo stops him, which earns him some chops in reply. Carrillo manages to get a nice pumphandle powerbomb though, but that only gets him a two count. That was almost Cesaro’s old “Riccola Bomb” move actually. Both men trade strikes and that ends with Carrillo getting a big spin kick, only to run into a gut buster. Dorado heads up top and comes down with a Shooting Star Press. Carrillo rolls outside so that he can’t be pinned, Dorado puts Carrillo back inside, where Carrillo catches him with an inside cradle for two. Dorado keeps coming though and gets a standing rana to pick up the flash pin.

RATING: **1/2

Some nice moves, but it was kind of sloppy in places.

Cruiserweight Champ Drew Gulak attacks Dorado post-match and Carrillo tries to help Lince, only for Tony Nese to run down and attack him. Gulak and Nese team up to put the boots to Dorado and Carrillo. Part of me thinks that Nese will jump Gulak as well so that we get a four way dance at Clash of Champions, but no it seems like Gulak and Nese are now a heel unit.

In Conclusion

I struggled to get through the show this week if I’m honest. That’s not a comment on the wrestling or even the booking, as I think both are actually really good, but this show is just such an afterthought that it’s really hard to get invested in it sometimes. For instance, does anyone think this Triple Threat match is going to make the main portion of Clash of Champions? And even if it does, is it going to be put in a position where it has the best chance of succeeding?

I think we know the answer to both of those questions. It’s a massive shame because everyone works so bloody hard on this show and they deserve so much more (Outside of The Singh Brothers, who aren’t that good and just don’t have what it takes to pull their gimmick off. If you’re going to do the Hollywood Blondes in 2019 then you need two super talented guys, and The Singh’s are just above passable, if that. I am a huge Pillman and Austin fan though, so it would always be an uphill climb to appease me)