205 Live #144 – 27/08/2019

Hello You!

More 205 Live for you, with a big #1 contenders bout to decide who gets the honour of facing Drew Gulak 2 hours before the actual pay per view portion of the show starts at Clash of Champions, because WCW (Oh, wait, hang on…)

The event is emanating from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Calling the action are Tom Phillips (Filling in for Vic Joseph), Aiden English and Nigel McGuinness

We open up with a recap of last week’s Ten Man Elimination Tag, which saw Oney Lorcan and Humberto Carrillo left standing.

Drake Maverick is with the two survivors from last week and says the two of them will face one another in the main event, with the winner being the #1 contender to Drew Gulak’s Cruiserweight Title

Show Intro (Interestingly Noam Dar still features quite heavily though he hasn’t been on the show in quite a while)

Opening Match
Kalisto Vs Ariya Daivari

This is a continuation of the Lucha House Party Vs Daivari issue, with Daivari recently trying to get in Lince Dorado’s ear by telling him that he’d be better off on his own. Daivari mows Kalisto down with a shoulder block to start and taunts, but Kalisto uses his speed to shine on Daivari before doing a taunt of his own. Arm drag sends Daivari outside, where Kalisto follows with a dive.

Back inside, Kalisto heads up top, but Daivari rolls away to the other side of the ring and then up and overs Kalisto onto the apron, where he trips him up to send him tumbling to the floor. Daivari works over Kalisto back inside, going to a chin lock. A nice looking reverse DDT gets Daivari a two count from the ref, and he taunts the crowd before going back to working Kalisto over again.

Kalisto eventually fights back with some elbows, kicks and chops, before running into a kick to the gut and a clothesline from Daivari for two. Daivari goes back to the chin lock, as this is starting to drag a little. Kalisto fights out of the chin lock, only to run right into a spine buster for two before getting put back in the rest hold. This is basically just a Stevie Ray match with better execution on the moves. Kalisto’s best stuff is hitting all his cool flashy moves, so he gets forced to lie in a hold for 80% of the match. Standard.

Kalisto finally gets out of the hold and makes the comeback, getting a modified rana for two. Kalisto goes for Solina Del Sol, but Daivari bails to the apron to avoid that and then goes to suplex Kalisto off the apron to the floor. Kalisto fights that off however and then rana’s Daivari off the apron to the floor. Both men sell that big, but Kalisto gets up first and puts Daivari back inside before coming off the top with a 450 Splash, but Daivari gets his feet on the ropes to stop the count. That was more a Kalisto mistake as the way he hooked the legs put Daivari’s feet on the ropes. Solina Del Sol looks to be inbound but Daivari pulls the mask to stop that and follows up with Pepsi Twist for the pin.

RATING: *1/2

The finishing sequence was decent, but the middle portion of the match really dragged and the crowd was pretty dead throughout.

Daivari attacks post-match, but the rest of Lucha House Party run down for the save. Lince Dorado allows Daivari to leave peaceably however, much to the annoyance of Metalik, who clearly wanted him to smack him one.

Last week Tony Nese voluntarily teamed up with the heels in the Ten Man Tag despite ostensibly being a face himself. Nese is with Sarah the backstage interviewer, where he reiterates that he will do anything to regain the Cruiserweight Title, but that he may need to be more than just the premier athlete to achieve it.

The Singh Brothers cut a to camera promo backstage in their directors chairs. They say they’re going to take a leave of absence in order to come back stronger. Unless John Hammond and Dr Wu can find a way to genetically splice them with Flyin’ Brian and Stunning Steve then I don’t forsee the excursion being worth it.

Main Event
Winner becomes the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Title
Oney Lorcan w/ his awesome entrance music Vs Humberto Carrillo

Handshake to start, as Tom Phillips actually dishes an interesting fact by saying that the last person to pin Humberto was Lorcan 5 months ago. Chain wrestling to start ends in a stalemate, as both men would appear to be evenly matched. Lorcan eventually gets a running knee to the gut, as Phillips actually gets to use the phrase “smash mouth”, which I thought would have been banned now that Jim Ross is working for the competition. Lorcan starts to work over Carrillo now, focusing on the head and mid-section. Lorcan works the body with first a bear hug and then a body scissors, which at least makes sense with his more old school styled character.

Carrillo sells all of this very well, but we’ve already had a match with a lot of holds already tonight, so the effect is lessened here somewhat. Why WWE insists on everyone working exactly the same formula just baffles me, especially as one of the best things about G1 Climax was that you all kind of varying matches and styles in every round of both Blocks, which was infinitely more interesting to the viewer. Carrillo eventually makes a comeback, sending Lorcan outside where he follows with a flip dive. Carrillo goes for the sunset flip back inside, but Lorcan rolls through and then takes Carrillo out with a running uppercut. Carrillo gets his feet up during a charge in the corner however and gets The Disaster Kick for two before following up with a Japanese arm drag next for another two.

Carrillo heads up top and goes for a moonsault, but Lorcan gets his feet up to block it and Carrillo goes into them face first. Lorcan does his Ultimate Warrior like mannerisms and charges Carrillo in the corner twice. Carrillo blocks the third one however and both men fight it out on the apron, which ends with Carrillo dropkicking Lorcan off to the floor and then following with another nice looking dive. Carrillo goes for something from the headstand position, but takes too long and Lorcan is able to cut him off with an uppercut. Lorcan goes for the half Nelson suplex, but Carrillo fights him off and then hangs him up in the ropes before getting a double stomp followed by a sit out powerbomb for two.

Both men fight up and trade strikes, which ends with Lorcan getting a dropkick and sending Carrillo outside. Lorcan gets the half Nelson suplex out on the floor and then actually heads up top for a big flip dive to the floor. Man, these guys are working so hard here and they’re getting practically nothing from this crowd. Lorcan gets another flip dive back inside, but Carrillo is able to kick out at two. Lorcan sets Carrillo up on the top rope and goes for the half Nelson from up there, but Carrillo fights him off. Lorcan uppercuts him however and then goes for a superplex, but Carrillo fights off that as well and follows with a a twisty splash from the top rope to pick up the win.

RATING: ***1/2

The work here was great, but the match felt very flat because of the crowd and the fact that the opener was structured in such a similar manner. Still, this was a great effort from Carrillo and Lorcan. Carrillo looks the part and can wrestle too, so he’s as good a choice as any.

Post-match, Gulak shows up on the titan tron to mockingly applaud his former protégé. Gulak says he’s going to teach Carrillo all about pain and punishment on the Clash of Champions pre-show (Whoops, sorry, “kick-off”)

In Conclusion

Good main event this week, but all the regular issues with this show reared their ugly heads this week. They have a hugely talented roster on this show but they are all hampered by having to adhere to the same generic WWE match structure as all the Heavyweights do, which utterly negates the whole selling point of the division. That and the insistence on having the show be live means they have to hold them in front of these Smackdown crowds who just couldn’t give one. Either put them on first and tape it or start doing the shows from Full Sail, because right now this show is going nowhere at a glacial pace.

I do genuinely feel bad for the wrestlers more than anything else, because all four of the guys who wrestled this week were taking their fair share of big bumps and were working as hard as they possibly could, but this show is just never going to work in its current form