Blog Numbers

You've mentioned several times recently that you're going to continue certain rants because they do well on the blog. What do you consider good numbers and what's your cutoff for no longer recapping some shows. Is it all about the numbers or do you still recap shows that you like that don't get a lot of views?

Unfortunately it's not an exact science either way, but it's mostly a combination of how many views something does and how much revenue it draws from Adsense.  And they often don't have anything to do with each other.  The other thing that's a guaranteed draw on both sides is current PPV content, and everything else is a crapshoot.  That being said, if it was ALL about the numbers, then I'd do RAW and Smackdown again because that would blow away anything else I review.  

As for what "good" looks like, a normal PPV will do about 12k – 15k pageviews.  The major regular features like the Observer Flashbacks do between 6K – 8K views and are by far the biggest non-PPV draws.  Anything from the Attitude Era normally does about the same, which includes ECW on TNN, RAW and Nitro.  Superstars was up there as well and is actually hurting a lot now that it's gone.  Hidden Gems are typically a big hit as well.  

The next level down is the territorial stuff (Mid-Atlantic TV, Mid-South TV, Heat, Prime Time Wrestling, etc) which normally does around 4K pageviews but typically doesn't do much to juice the blog overall.  But I enjoy doing them because they're quick and easy and do OK. That first episode of TNT also falls into this range, which I consider better than expected. That's why I don't like lengthy shows outside of the Attitude Era, because it's a large investment of time and doesn't typically pay off.  

By far the worst was Lucha Underground, which barely broke 1000 views most of the time and was just a total disaster that would normally kill the entire day for the blog.  

As I've said before, if the blog made enough to replace my full time job, which it sadly does not in any capacity, I'd happily do RAW and Smackdown and whatever WWE wanted to pump out.  But unfortunately Adsense is far too volatile to depend on for any kind of regular revenue, so unless I win the lottery that's probably not happening.  But hey, if i ever do win it, I'd be happy to review wrestling all day.