All Japan

What up Scott

What has happened to AJPW? For years they were neck and neck with New Japan with ‘The 4 Pillars’ and others. Now they are basically the TNA of Japan wresting. What caused this ? Is there any chance of them returning to their glory days?

I've heard they're pretty good, I wouldn't actually call them the TNA of Japan.  Unfortunately the death of Baba and the whole NOAH split really destroyed them and without a lot of money behind them, like New Japan has, it's hard to come back from that sort of thing.  New Japan has the dojo system to constantly restock their lineup as well, which All Japan doesn't seem to have.  Even in their glory days they seemingly relied on gaijin and top guys exclusively and didn't have replacements.  There's only one Mike Barton in this lifetime, babe.  Regardless, they do all right for themselves and they're not in serious financial trouble or anything.