What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – September 16, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan resume their usual commentary duties and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, this taping took place on August 21.  This show is also a bit of a hidden gem because all but the last fifteen minutes of the original broadcast in the United States was pre-empted due to Atlanta Braves baseball.

Opening Contest:  The Disco Inferno pins Scott Armstrong (0-8) after a swinging neckbreaker:

The Disco Inferno was Glenn Gilbertti, a four-year veteran who wrestled on the Georgia independent circuit and the USWA before being signed by WCW.  The character is simply a guy who loves disco music and acts like it is still cool, even though that craze died off decades ago.  Early on a lot of people wrote off the gimmick as a career killer but Gilbertti found a way to make it work and went on to have significant success in WCW.  A catchy theme song did not hurt either.  Curiously, Disco gets very little offense in his debut as Armstrong mocks him and tosses him around.  However, when Armstrong is forced to give Disco a break near the corner, the newcomer pounces and prevails.

Heenan puts over Disco by dancing to his theme music and refuses to stop when Schiavone tells him to.  That lets fans know that Disco is a heel before he is interviewed by Gene Okerlund.  Disco tells fans he is from Brooklyn and tries to act like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever while also shilling the Fall Brawl pay-per-view.  This whole segment was weird.

Television Championship Match:  The Renegade (Champion w/Jimmy Hart) (20-0) pins Maxx Muscle (0-1) after the Renegade Splash at 1:39:

The Renegade destroyed Muscle in twelve seconds a month ago on Saturday Night, but WCW decided to give him a rematch for the title anyway.  Muscle is more focused this time by doing an attack before the bell and he tosses the champion to the floor, where Diamond Dallas Page runs out and gives the Renegade a Diamond Cutter.  However, when the Renegade is rolled into the ring and Muscle covers that only gets a two count and then the Renegade remembers to TOS (“Terminate on Site”) and finishes Muscle with the splash.  Why would Page even want Muscle to win the title a day before Fall Brawl?

The Nasty Boys (40-5-2) beat Johnny Swinger & Terry Richards when Brian Knobbs pins Richards after the Nasty Splash at 2:43:

The Nasties have not wrestled in a month, largely a byproduct of the Sister Sherri-Colonel Robert Parker storyline sucking the oxygen out of the tag team division and running out of teams to wrestle without burning out the fans.  Fans chant for the Pit Stop throughout the bout as the Nasties dominate each jobber in turn before using a new finisher where Jerry Sags uses a pump and handle slam and Knobbs comes off the second rope with a splash.

Okerlund interviews the Nasties who say they feel slighted over not being included in the tag team title match at Fall Brawl.  They also rant about being the uncrowned champions, but they lost the titles in the ring so a lot of what they say is a waste of air.

Kevin Sullivan (15-5) pins an Unnamed Jobber after a double stomp at 2:19:

A byproduct of the build to WarGames is that Sullivan has established a nice winning streak for himself in singles competition.  He attacks the jobber quickly and uses his usual moves to prevail and accomplish the “WCW Saturday Sweep.”

Dave Sullivan (6-6-1) defeats Big Bubba Rogers (24-7-1) via count out at 3:20:

These two have the most ridiculous feud going in the promotion as Rogers is allergic to rabbits and Dave relishes in that.  To make matters worse, Hacksaw Jim Duggan is a third wheel in this program as he has a lingering issue with Rogers as well.  After both men slug away, Rogers hits a quick Big Bubba Slam, but Duggan runs out, tosses a LIVE rabbit onto Rogers, and Rogers flees before he dies of an allergic reaction.  Talk about a WrestleCrap-like finish for the ages.  Rating:  DUD

The American Males (1-0) beat the State Patrol (0-4) when Marcus Bagwell pins Sergeant Buddy Lee Parker after a double dropkick at 7:10:

This is heralded as the American Males debut, but they already appeared on WCW Pro earlier in the day.  It does seem weird that Bagwell was not taken off television for a few months before this team was put together so he would not have had such an abrupt switch to a new gimmick.  Fans in attendance are not taken with the Males, with a vocal section near the camera chanting “Buddy” for Parker.  The Patrol put Riggs in peril and work some double teams, with fans booing when Riggs kicks out of some pin attempts, but Bagwell eventually gets the hot tag and the Males roll to a win after a double dropkick.  After the match, an irate State Patrol write referee Randy Anderson a ticket for being bad at his job.  Rating:  **½

Schiavone does a sit-down interview with Dusty Rhodes who says he is glad that he will be announcing on Saturday Night with Schiavone and Heenan.

Sergeant Craig Pittman (33-3) beats Gino Caruso via submission to the Code Red at 3:49:

Pittman’s squashes really need to get shorter as his stretching of jobbers gets tiresome after ninety seconds.  Heenan spends his time ranting about Dusty joining the commentary team.  As Pittman prevails, Cobra is shown watching the match from the locker room.

Brian Pillman (33-4) pins Alex Wright (44-7-1) after a backslide at 8:11:

Pillman and Wright are not feuding, but they have exchanged wins over the summer, with Wright beating Pillman at The Great American Bash and Pillman defeating Wright on the August 27 edition of WCW Main Event.  After trading holds on the mat, both men trade spinning heel kicks for near-falls and then Wright decides to go aerial with a sunset flip but that fails to win the match.  This culminates into a fight over a backslide after Pillman blocks a powerbomb and Pillman wins that battle which is enough for the pin.  At this point Wright is merely a mechanic is get over other workers with good matches.  Sadly, this was not one of them.  Rating:  **

After the bout, Johnny B. Badd comes out and briefly exchanges words with Pillman as the show goes off the air.

The Last Word:  As readers can tell, Monday Nitro is downgrading WCW Saturday Night as Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Sting, and Lex Luger were noticeably absent on today’s show.  When one of the highlights is Hacksaw Jim Duggan throwing a rabbit then you know you have a problem.

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