205 Live #143 – 20/08/2019

Hello You!

This week we’ve got a ruddy big Ten Man Tag to sink our chompers into, so let’s waste no further time and dive once again into some more 205 Live!!!

The event is emanating from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Calling the action are Vic Joseph (Fresh from doing Raw) Aiden English and Nigel McGuinness

WWE Cruiserweight Champ Drew Gulak hypes up his team for later of Ariya Daivari, Mike Kanellis, Angel Garza and Tony Nese. Nese is of course an enemy of Gulak, but The Champ has picked him anyway.

Oney Lorcan introduces his team next, which is made up of Humberto Carrillo, “Swerve” Scott, Akira Tozawa and Jack Gallagher. I do wonder why they didn’t save this for Survivor Series season, but it’s sure to be a good match so I’m not complaining.

Show Intro

Main Event
10 Man Elimination Tag Team Match
Team Gulak – Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, Mike Kanellis, Angel Garza and Tony Nese
Team Lorcan – Oney Lorcan, Humberto Carrillo, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Akira Tozawa and Jack Gallagher

Gulak and Nese are already talking trash to one another before the match even starts. Garza and Carrillo are cousins, which adds some spice to proceedings. Jack Gallagher’s entrance jacket is just outstanding, almost more of a smoking jacket. We get a big 10 man brawl to start, which leads to Team Lorcan. With the heels outside the ring, it’s UMBRELLA’S FOR EVERYONE, as Jack dishes them out and his team dives out into Team Gulak in traditional Mary Poppin’s style. Team Gulak regroups and we start out officially with Gulak Vs Lorcan. Lorcan quickly tags in Swerve, who runs wild on The Champ for a moment before getting caught with a body slam. This brings Garza in, which leads to Swerve tagging in Carrillo for the Cousin Vs Cousin battle with his relative.

Garza tricks his cousin into a fake handshake however, which leads to Carrillo getting cut off and worked over by Team Gulak. Carrillo manages to eventually get a roll up on Gulak for two before tagging in Tozawa. Tozawa runs wild and sends Gulak outside for a cannonball off the apron and a missile dropkick back inside. Kanellis comes in, but gets caught in an octpus hold from Tozawa. Kanellis gets out of that though and then shoves Tozawa into Gallagher before getting the Roll of the Dice onto Tozawa to eliminate him.

First Elimination: Akira Tozawa via Mike Kanellis (1)

Kanellis wastes too much time celebrating though, which allows Jack to head butt him and eliminate him straight after.

Second Elimination: Mike Kanellis via Jack Gallagher (1)

Nese and Gallagher do some nice technical wrestling, which leads to Gallagher doing the handstand in the corner and following up with a dropkick. Gallagher tries a ten punch next, but Daivari hot shots him onto the top rope to stop that. Nese yells at Daivari that he doesn’t want his help, which allows Jack to send him outside. When he tries a suicide dive however, Daivari opens the ropes and Jack goes tumbling out of the ring. Nese comes back in and doesn’t appear to have noticed what happened to Gallagher, as he delivers the Sunset Driver (A kind of sit out reverse tombstone) to eliminate him.

Third Elimination: Jack Gallagher via Tony Nese (1)

Team Gulak now has a 4-3 advantage, as Swerve comes in to do battle with Nese. Both men do a very nice counter sequence, which ends with Swerve getting a flying uppercut from the second rope for two. Nese trips Swerve, but leaves himself open to a flippy splash from Swerve for another two. Nese tags out to Garza, who shows off good heel antics by working over Swerve in a cocky manner. Meanwhile, we get a split screen where we see The Brian Kendrick stirring the pot between Tozawa and Gallagher, which leads to Kendrick and Gallagher agreeing to wrestle one another next week.

Back in the match, Swerve is getting worked over by Team Gulak. Swerve mounts a bit of a comeback, but Garza trips him up using the ring skirt to put a stop to that. After getting worked over some more by the whole Gulak squadron, Swerve lariats Garza for a double down and drags himself to his corner for a tag. Nese stops that by knocking Lorcan and Carrillo off the apron, but he makes the mistake of German Suplexing Swerve back into his corner, which allows Lorcan to get a blind tag.  Nese goes to pin Swerve, but Lorcan comes in to suplex him. Nese lands on his feet however and gets a double stomp for two, which leads to both men trading strikes. Nese goes for The Sunset Driver again, but Lorcan blocks it and gets the half Nelson suplex to eliminate Nese.

Fourth Elimination: Tony Nese via Oney Lorcan (1)

Lorcan does his Ultimate Warrior impression and demands that Gulak come in, but Gulak sends Garza in instead, which leads to Lorcan tagging in Carrillo. Carrillo gets a standing moonsault his cousin for two and then tags in Swerve for a double super kick. Swerve knocks Gulak off the apron with a double stomp and then takes out Daivari as well. Double stomp from the top looks to finish Garza, but Gulak makes the save on two. Swerve and Gulak pull each other’s hair, which leads to Daivari grabbing Swerve’s leg. This destruction is enough for Gulak to get The Cyclone Crash (Torture Wrack into a neck breaker) which ends Swerve’s night.

Fifth Elimination: Swerve Scott via Drew Gulak (1)

Team Lorcan is now at a 2-3 disadvantage, but Daivari shoves Garza in to fight with Carrillo again. Garza superkicks Carrillo when he tries a handstand rana off the apron, which leads to Team Gulak getting some more heat. Whilst this goes on, we get an inset promo from Lucha House Party where they ponder who mystery attacked Gran Metalik last week. Kalisto thinks it was Ariya Daivari and he’ll beat a confession out of him next week. Good on them for setting up matches for next week, but an inset promo like that kind of sends the message that what’s going on in the match isn’t that important if it can be so easily interrupted. Garza and Carrillo both catch one another with cross body blocks, which leads to another double down. Lorcan and Gulak get tagged in, which leads to Lorcan running wild on all of Team Gulak. Lorcan gets a double running Overcastle on Daivari and Garza before diving out on to Gulak. Lorcan throws Gulak over the commentary table, which leads to him fighting off all of Team Gulak out there. Eventually Gulak has had enough and attacks Lorcan with a chair to get DQ’ed.

Sixth Elmination: Drew Gulak via DQ for attacking Oney Lorcan (2) with a weapon

Well that’s sure a convenient way to get out of making the Champ do a job. Gulak wears out Lorcan with the chair before mugging to the crowd and leaving. We get another inset, this time a promo for NXT’s show the next day. It’s getting a tad overkill now. So Lorcan is pretty much deadweight now, which leaves Carrillo to take on Daivari and Garza basically by himself. Lorcan eventually drags himself back on to the apron and gets tagged in, where he runs wild on Daivari for a while, before running into a superkick. Daivari goes for a splash from the top rope, but there’s no water in the pool and Lorcan rolls him up to eliminate him.

Seventh Elimination: Ariya Daivari via Oney Lorcan (3)

Daivari refuses to leave right away, which allows Garza to get a cross body block off the top rope on Carrillo. Carrillo rolls through however for two and then follows up with a Disaster Kick for another two. Garza tries pinning Carrillo by using the ropes, but the ref catches him and this allows Carrillo to roll him up for two. Carrillo heads up for a cross body block, but Garza catches him on the way down with a dropkick and makes a cover for two. Garza gets a nice slingshot reverse suplex and then adds a seated dropkick for two. Garza heads up to the second rope for a moonsault, but Carrillo dodges it and then heads up with a missile dropkick before going upstairs once again with a somersault splash for the win.

Final Elimination: Angel Garza via Humberto Carrillo (1)


This dragged a bit in places if I’m being brutally honest, but the work itself was decent and it was good to see Carrillo get a big win in a featured bout like that.

Carrillo and Lorcan celebrate together and we’re out.

In Conclusion

Literally a one match show this week, but that match was solid enough, if not amazing. It’s good to see them setting stuff up for next week though. 205 Live is one of the more logically booked shows under the WWE umbrella and it’s stories are never difficult to follow, which is big plus in its favour.