The Announcer Landscape

Hey Scott–

Your dig at Matt Striker a while back made me pause for a moment; It's kind of incredible that a guy went from the Wrestling Observer's "Best Television Announcer" to one of the worst all because Vince McMahon started yelling in his earpiece. More over, after leaving WWE, he never recovered from Vince breaking him down and continues to suck even in 2019.

I feel like Corey Graves is going down the same path. Most folks were elated when he was put on both main announcing teams, but listening to him as the years have progressed has dramatically increased the amount of blood pouring out of my ears. I think I can safely assume it's because he's constantly hearing the phrase, "Argue with Renee about more pointless bullshit, PAL!"

So I guess the question is this: Once NXT goes to USA, how long do you give poor Mauro Ranallo before he walks away again?
Oh, I don't see Mauro doing the live NXT show.  I think it'll be one of the corporate drones working with Nigel.  Mauro will probably do the Takeovers and that'll be enough for him, I'd imagine.