Feedbag question

Long time reader (NWWWO,
Slim Sean Shannon, Rantsylvania, Jay Bower, The Smarks.com, I sent you some copies
of a Pet Sounds box set once,
etc.), first time emailer.


After what amounts to a small lifetime reading your stuff
and being a big supporter, there’s clearly a lot of pressure in finally asking
you a question, so I’m going to keep it simple…


This is silly, I know, but we’ve all thought
about it and no one ever talks about it. In your opinion, what are the two
instances where a match was both better AND worse because of the variation of
tights that a particular wrestler wore? For instance, I remember in 2003 a lot
of AJ Styles fans were irked he wore his green TNA tights for his big match
against Paul London in ROH (petty, I know, but this is the topic). Same thing
with the WM 20 main event, where HHH wore f*cking white boots for the triple
threat match against HBK and Benoit (this kills me just thinking about it).

the flip side, I always loved the Hart/Austin match at WM 13 even more because
Bret wore the rare “pink on top, black on bottom” variation of his tights that
he ditched once he because a world champion.

What say you?


Lastly, what DID happen to Sean Shannon and Jay Bower? Jay
especially was a cool guy and writer.

Oh yeah, that Pet Sounds box set was amazing!  Love me some Brian Wilson.  Nowadays with Spotify and such there's no challenge to it anymore.  Someone else sent me a box set of Faith No More / Mike Patton rarities that I also loved and listened to a lot. 

Sean Shannon apparently transitioned and is off doing something as a woman now.  No idea what happened to Jay Bower.  

As for the question, referee gear has ruined more matches for me than wrestler gear, such as Ric Flair's horrible red boots in his referee gear for the Austin-Undertaker atrocity in 2002, or Shawn's bicycle shorts for the Iron Man match between Rock and HHH.  And for great gear, Kurt Angle's mirror universe black tights always add an automatic one star to the match.