Explaining Randy Orton

During the Kofi match last night my son says, "Randy Orton seems like he should be such a big deal, but I just don't get him.  Am I wrong and he's a bigger deal than I think?"  My short answer was "you're not wrong", but then when you run down the laundry list of accolades, factions, pop-culture finisher, legend killer gimmick and toss it in with his good looks…how is Orton not a much bigger icon in the grand scheme of things??  

If I was randomly asked to name the best 30 wrestlers of the last 30 years I'd likely forget him entirely.  Not leave him out purposefully, mind you, just probably totally forget him.  Is he overrated?  Is he underappreciated?  I really don't know how to best sum him up, but for a guy so heavily involved in the last 15 years of the WWE I just don't see him as amazing as all of his accomplishments.  Turning to the blog for opinions.

He's a guy who is a great worker and can coast to a certain level of stardom, but much like Booker T works down to the level of his opponents.  Plus he doesn't seem like he's ever had the drive to be a tippy top guy.  So you get the insane situation where someone like him is a billion time World champion but only a footnote in history and not even a serious candidate for the Hall of Fame.  The fact that he became more known as a meme than a wrestler pretty much sums it up for him.