205 Live #142 – 13/08/2019

Hello You!

So with G1 in the bag I’ll try to start getting these 205 Live recaps going again

The event is emanating from Toronto, Ontario Canada

Calling the action are Vic Joseph, Aiden English and Nigel McGuinness

We open up with clips from the Summer Slam pre-show, where Drew Gulak defended his WWE Cruiserweight Title against Oney Lorcan. Gulak eventually retained his Title by punching Lorcan in the throat and then delivering his finisher, in a finish that was underhanded but not full on cheating either. Tonight we have a rematch.

Show Intro

Opening Match
Jack Gallagher Vs Akira Tozawa w/ The Brian Kendrick

Jack was part of a six pack challenge match last week on the show, but he ended up empty handed. These two famously met one another in the first ever Cruiserweight Classic Tournament, in a match that Tozawa eventually won. Jack offers a handshake to start, and Tozawa accepts it. The commentators push that Kendrick is still salty with Jack over some of their past run in’s. Jack uses his technical wrestling acumen in the early going to work over Tozawa, but Tozawa counters by going to an octopus hold.

Jack gets out of that but ends up the wrong end of a Tozawa punch. Jack sinks in the corner from Tozawa’s attacks, but then leverages Tozawa over the top rope onto the ring post for a count out tease. The referee makes it to 9 but Tozawa just manages to squeeze back into the ring before he can reach 10. Jack doesn’t attack Tozawa right away because Tozawa appears to have cut himself when he went into the ring post. Tozawa eventually gets back into things, but Jack takes him down into a surfboard. Tozawa fights out of that and then delivers a Shining Wizard before heading up top. Jack dodges Tozawa’s attack from up there and goes to the Gory Special, but Tozawa gets out of that and then sends Jack outside for a dive.

Tozawa gets a missile dropkick back inside and makes a cover, but it only gets him a count of two. Tozawa deadlifts Jack into a modified TKO and then gets a running kick to the face on Jack for two. Jack rolls to the apron, but Tozawa tries to suplex him back in. Jack counters that however and then delivers a big dropkick back in the ring. Jack gets Tozawa in a Vertebreaker position and then runs Tozawa into the corner from that position. Jack tries something from the top rope, but Tozawa blocks it to send him down to the mat and then follows with a back senton splash from the top for the three count.


Good solid match, which you would expect from two such talented men.

The replay shows that Jack had his foot on the rope, but Kendrick seemed to accidentally on purpose knock it off.

We get a to camera promo from Oney Lorcan. Lorcan sells his throat and says that Gulak took the easy way out in their match. He says that he’ll leave with the Cruiserweight Title tonight.

Match Two
Humberto Carrillo, Lince Dorado and Kalisto Vs Ariya Daivari and The Singh Brothers

Carrillo is filling in for Gran Metalik, who he found beaten up earlier in the day in a corridor. Lince beat Daivari a couple of weeks ago on the show and Daivari planted a seed in his head that he might be better off on his own. The Singh’s are actually from Canada I believe, but whether the crowd will know about that or not I couldn’t say. You’d think WWE would refer to it in some way so they could get a pop from the crowd though wouldn’t you?

Carrillo runs wild on Daivari to start, looking good in the process, and then brings in the Lucha House Party for some double teaming. Lince’s gear has a nice classic Tiger Mask feel to it, rocking the yellow, blue and black. Eventually some confusion over who is legal allows Sunhil Singh to avoid getting pinned and then cut off Kalisto following some help from Samir. In a nice touch, Referee Drake Younger doesn’t see a tag from the heels at one point during the heat, so he actually forces Daivari back on to the apron so Sunhil has to tag him again. That’s some genuinely good reffing from Drake there, bravo.

Kalisto gets worked over in the heel corner for a while. Eventually he manages to fight off both Singh’s and goes to make the tag to Lince. Lince gets pulled off the apron before he make it however, so Kalisto has to tag Carrillo instead. Carrillo gets a nice standing moonsault on Sunhil, but Daivari breaks up the pin and that leads to everyone coming and and hitting moves. Eventually Carrillo and Lince take out The Singh’s with a dive, which leads to Daivari bailing on his partners. This allows Carrillo to get a missile dropkick on Sunhil and get a twisting splash. Lince gets a blind tag however and then finishes with the Shooting Star Press, as this slow burn heel turn for Lince continues.


Another fine TV effort there, which continued the storyline of Lince not liking Carrillo and also allowing Daivari to continue his Bad News Brown “I don’t like anyone” gimmick.

We get a to camera promo from Drew Gulak. He says change is inevitable and that he has changed 205 Live into a battlefield. If you aren’t prepared to make the same sacrifices that he makes then you won’t be able to defeat him.

Tony Nese delivers a promo from his camera phone, where he says he won’t forget his past mistakes and will do whatever he has to in order to regain his Cruiserweight Title.

Main Event
WWE Cruiserweight Title
Champ: Drew Gulak Vs Oney Lorcan

Drew Gulak’s Doctor Death Steve Williams-like entrance jacket with the hood is pretty cool. I’m not sure if that was what he was going for, but kudos if so. Lorcan attacks straight from the bell, as he works over Gulak with strikes and then chokes him in the corner. Gulak bails outside to get himself together. Gulak gets back inside, but Lorcan delivers a half Nelson suplex to send him bailing outside the ring again and then follows with a flip dive from the tope rope to the floor. Lorcan covers back inside following that, but Gulak kicks out at two, so Lorcan gets him up on the top rope for another half Nelson suplex.

Gulak elbows his way out of that to send Lorcan tumbling to the ringside floor, and then follows Lorcan outside to throw him throat first into the commentary table. Gulak drops Lorcan throat first over the apron next and then rolls in for the count out win. The crowd do the stupid “TEN” chant along with the ref, even though Shawn Spears has a whole new gimmick in a whole different company now. Lorcan eventually makes it back inside, where Gulak starts working him over, targeting the neck and throat mostly. Gulak actually comes off the second rope with a clothesline, but Lorcan is able to kick out at two.

Gulak goes to a chin lock next but Lorcan fights it and is eventually able to get back up to his feet, where he breaks the hold and throws a couple of uppercuts before getting a big running one for two. Running Overcastle gets another two, as does a lariat. Lorcan’s facial expressions are pretty goofy, but he commits so much to them that they actually end up working for him. Lorcan gets a pair of running back elbows in the corner, but Gulak dodges the third one and then gets a body slam for two. Gulak goes to a reverse fireman’s carry, but Lorcan slips out only to then run into a Gulak lariat for two. That was Stan Hansen like from Gulak and Lorcan’s inside-out bump was fantastic.

Gulak sets Lorcan up on the top rope and throws some punches, but Lorcan slips out to crotch Gulak on the top rope and then half Nelson suplexes Gulak down from up there. Lorcan crawls into the cover, but Gulak is too close to the rope and manages to get a foot on the bottom one to stop the count. Gulak rolls outside following that, but Lorcan follows him out and pummels Gulak all around ringside. Lorcan sends Gulak back inside but gets caught in an inside cradle for two. Lorcan gets some revenge on Gulak by chopping him in the throat for two and then unloads with some open hand slaps. Gulak counters into the Gulak (Dragon Sleeper) though and cinches it in and the referee is forced to stop it.

RATING: ***1/2

Good hard hitting action there and a hard fought clean Title defence for Gulak. I wonder who Gulak’s next challenger will be?

In Conclusion

Good episode of the show this week. Every match was entertaining and I’m liking the simple story telling throughout the show. This show is rather missable, but it’s also very, very watchable and I’d recommend watching it if you can manage to squeeze it in.