Fate of the XFL?

Hey Scott, it’s been 18 1/2 years since the failure of the original XFL and roughly 1 away from the new XFL.  I don’t think there was a single person on this earth that thought Vince McMahon would resurrect this idea. 

Now that the idea is unfortunately here, the question looms on whether or not this will succeed or blow up in McMahon’s face.

I can’t say that the XFL was ever a bad idea because having football during the NFL’s off-season was a pretty good way to go to McMahons credit. He just couldn’t separate
it from the wrestling aspect of his company, which damaged it greatly.

It is nice to see that he learned his lesson, somewhat, by putting this new version of the XFL under a sister company that he created. That way, it’s not solely connected to the WWE.  Granted it doesn’t help that he named the new company Alpha Entertainment
(Was Alpha Sports taken?) but at least he’s trying.

I can see this succeeding in its initial debut for nostalgic purposes, but I don’t think it’s going to hold up enough weight to keep going beyond a single season. What do you think?

Wait, you can't say that the XFL was a bad idea?!?