Wrestlers’ union

Hi Scott,

Quick for you, or any of the blog commentators who might know about this kind of thing. 

So, we all know wrestlers don't have a union and the various things that seem to preclude this from happening, right? 

But – with WWE stating that their wrestlers are actors playing a role, as well as the decades-old admission that they are entertainment rather than a competitive sport, is there any sound reason why they don't qualify for the Screen Actors Guild, or some kind of stunt performers union. 

Other than the wrath of Vince, that is? 
Wrath of Vince.  Meltzer was telling a story about Stacy Keibler on Dancing with the Stars, where she casually talked about driving from town to town and paying for hotel rooms, and all the real celebrities, even the D-list ones who do the show, were basically left with their jaws hanging open at the brutality of the lifestyle for someone who was supposedly a star.  Which is why she never came back. 
Anyway, they probably could be members of the SAG, but Vince has everyone in the company so brainwashed into thinking that THIS IS THE WAY THAT BUSINESS WORKS that I don't think anyone would ever seriously try to do so.