What the World Was Watching: WCW Main Event – September 10, 1995

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Gene Okerlund and Bobby Heenan resume their studio duty roles and discuss the arrival of Lex Luger in WCW.

Heenan laughs at the idea that Kevin Sullivan will face Hulk Hogan by himself if the Dungeon of Doom loses WarGames at Fall Brawl.

Okerlund and Heenan try to make sense of the Cobra-Sergeant Craig Pittman feud.

Winner Faces Sabu on Monday Nitro:  Alex Wright (42-7-1) beats Diamond Dallas Page (w/the Diamond Doll & Maxx Muscle) (14-0-2) due to heel miscommunication at 7:56:

Page defeated Wright at the recent Clash of the Champions, using that win to propel himself into the television title picture.  As Dusty Rhodes puts over Page’s work ethic, he and Wright go through a fun series of amateur holds.  Poor Muscle botches throwing Wright into the ring from the gorilla press position, nearly screwing up Wright’s knee.  He does redeem himself a bit by trying to turn the crowd’s chants of “Alex” into “Dallas” to give his ally an edge.  Page slows the match down in the middle, but the bout has a hot finish with Wright and Page exchanging near-falls from a falling flying clothesline and tilt-a-whirl slam, respectively.  More crazy near-falls follow, one of the best being when Wright tries a reverse flying body press, Page puts him an electric chair drop position, and Wright turns that into a sunset flip.  Wright ends up on the arena floor and Muscle tries to toss Wright in a second time, but this time he tosses him on top of Page, who loses his first match of the year.  Wright and Page have crazy chemistry together and I would welcome a rubber match between these two.  Rating:  ***½

Heenan goes into a crazy Hulk Hogan rant, slamming his action figure on the table and saying it makes no sense that Hogan gets to decide when he defends the WCW title.

The Last Word:  The feature match was excellent, the best match done on Main Event this year.  It does seem odd, though, that Diamond Dallas Page was put in an unwinnable booking position as he either went over on Alex Wright on this show and then jobbed to newcomer Sabu on Monday Nitro or lost to Wright, thereby losing his unbeaten streak.  Still, Page looked strong in defeat and it will be interesting to see if he can work miracles with the Renegade at Fall Brawl.

Backstage News*:        Lex Luger reportedly reached a deal with WCW on August 31 with Eric Bischoff and both sides managed to keep it a secret before Luger showed up on Monday Nitro.  Luger even worked some WWF house shows in Canada over the weekend before showing up in Minneapolis.  Bischoff was reluctant to sign Luger but recent problems with Vader, who is making up to $750,000 and might be released after his altercation with Paul Orndorff on August 30, opened up some money needed to sign him to a two-year deal.

*Marcus Bagwell’s new team with Scott Antol, who is now known as Scotty Riggs, was not warmly received in a dark match against Dick Slater and Bunkhouse Buck before Nitro went on the air.  The team is going to be known as the American Males.

*In talent relations news, WCW has shelved the idea of bringing in Lanny Poffo to do a Gorgeous George gimmick.  Gene Okerlund’s contract expires by the end of the month as well and both sides are far apart on a deal.  Whether the WWF would ditch Todd Pettengill for bring back Okerlund is uncertain.

*Backstage news courtesy of the September 11 and 18 edition of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer.

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