Do you think they learned that you don’t need a 15 hour show and everyone crammed on it?  The Earth didn’t stop spinning on its axis because Roman Reigns wasn’t on the show. 

If Heyman or Bischoff just added that one piece of advice and Vince took it, then they're worth whatever they're being paid.  Granted I didn't watch the pre-show last night, but it was SOOOOOOO much easier to watch when I could start after supper and still be done by 9:00pm my time.  Hell, if the stupid Network had a skip function that was more than 10 seconds at a time I could have cut it down to 2 hours without much trouble.  The show actually wrapped up at a point when I was not sick of watching it, and that's a huge improvement no matter what the overall quality of the show would have been otherwise.