Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’ Doomers!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Both Summerslam and NXT Takeover: Toronto seemed to be generally well received. There was a lot of nitpicking over this and that but if you liked the matched and liked the show then who cares if you thought a ****** match was really a ****1/4 match? Seriously.

Of the two shows I thought NXT really pulled a rabbit out because it wasn’t the most inspired booking but the workers came to work. Definitely gave me the sell on Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain too with their brawl. And it could be a tricky booking move but they should strike the Evil Shirai iron while it’s hot and get the belt on her. I also believe we’re heading toward a Dream vs. Cole unification match sooner than later. Going to be hard to get the strap off Dream and they need a new program for Cole and the most appealing opponent (Riddle) is currently occupied.

As for Summerslam, the main event was a hell of a fight and a great piece of business. They were able to get Rollins back on track and where they go from here is interesting. Wouldn’t be a bad time to get some new heels going and see which ones the fans will buy in as a threat. Overall I liked the card, most of the right people went over. Fans were active for some matches, not for others.

Tonight is the RAW fallout show. We know Ziggler vs. Miz has been announced, Rey vs. Andrade 2-out-of-3 falls, Cedric vs. Drew and Alexa/Nikki vs. The Kabuki Warriors are also on tap so it looks promising. We’ll see.

We got 7-8 MLB games tonight. No live preseason NFL but the NFL Network has a ton of replays.

Lot of interesting TV tonight. AMC is debuting The Terror: Infamy, which looks really interesting. HBO has two episodes of Our Boys and I think Legion (FX) is doing their series finale tonight.

Anyway there’s plenty to watch so stay home and be lazy!

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