Luger’s non-choke choke


Yeah, take a drink, but this email is not about Summerslam 93.  It's not even about Lex Luger choking in a match for the World title, at least not in a kayfabe sense.  I'm talking about Great American Bash '91, where Luger finally brought home the gold after years of near misses only to turn heel immediately afterwards.  What the bleep was WCW thinking?  They already pissed off their audience by chasing away Ric Flair, so why not at least compensate by having Luger have a triumphant babyface moment on PPV?  I get that WCW was a territory with a history of heel champions, and they may have figured a heel Luger was the closest thing they had to "replacing" Flair.  But it's not like there were any hot babyface challengers lining up to face Luger.  Why not let Lex at least try and get over as a top babyface?  Even if it didn't work, it would have at least temporarily assuaged the anger of the fanbase (voiced so clearly by the Baltimore crowd at GAB) by giving them something to cheer about.

That is one of the numerous, numerous reasons why Bash 91 was so terrible and WCW was so stupid.  But yeah, they were trying to replace Flair and I guess setting up Sting as the big challenger.  Which is hilarious because Herd spent months jumping through hoops trying to GET RID of Flair.