G1 Finals set!


I think this is pretty clearly putting Ibushi into the WK main event against Okada (especially since he won the block by beating Okada) but man, I wish they’d take their foot off the gas pedal with Jay White a little bit.  He has great matches but he’s just not clicking at this level.  I actually think Moxley deserved the run to the finals based on how effective his G1 was, but Gedo books this stuff in advance so he couldn’t have known that.  Even more so, Ospreay should have been the guy in the finals this year based on being one of the best wrestlers in the world this year, but again, booking in advance plus weird Japanese attitude towards smaller guys.

Anyway, good for Kota, hopefully he wins the tournament and then gets the IWGP title, since he’s sticking around long-term, and he can be the beautiful, beautiful face of the company in 2020.